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I have to give props to pole-dancers. Really. That shit is HARD. My calves and abs are killing me today. And its fun. A lot of fun. To the point that I’m thinking of finding a class to attend regularly.

In other news, I never made it to Rona yesterday to get the starting stuff for my herb garden. I’d had a glass or five too many of wine the night before and was feeling rather poorly. So when it was time to get ready for pole dancing, I decided to alleviate my suffering with a glass of hair of the dog instead. And then the focus needed for the pole dancing and the spontaneous sweating really made my aching head go away.

So this morning, I am running to Rona to get that stuff. I thought I might try a few vegetables too – some radishes and carrots. Which means I need pots, soil (which I also need for my silly jade plant which no matter how much neglect I lavish on it, it does not die), gravel for drainage, and some sort of nutrient solution.

Oh and seeds and seedlings and shit.

After I suck back a third cup of coffee. Because what is the weekend for if its not to drink too much coffee?

*No, I am not growing potatoes. I just needed a vegetable that begins with a “p” – I don’t even really like potatoes unless they’re deep fried.

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