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Posted on: May 16, 2008


Or more accurately: Wii!

Zellers got a shipment of Wiis and they were on sale today. For Christmas my parents gave us some “mad money” to get whatever we wanted, so long as it was frivolous. I think a Wii falls into that category. So I trucked up to Zellers when they opened and the guy in front of me (with his two kids) told me that he’d been to another large mall yesterday, with 7 stores that advertised it and they were SOLD OUT WITHIN A COUPLE OF HOURS.

So if you want a Wii, get thee to a Zellers.

I bought the Wii, with Big Brain Academy, and an extra controller that came with 5 games.

So tonight Darren will be unpacking and installing the Wii on our main TV (yes, we have more than one).  It should be interesting, particularly as we plan to get the WiiFit when it becomes available here on the 21st.

I am hoping my parents will try it out when they get here tonight.

Agenda for today:

  1. Buy Wii
  2. Ogle Wii box
  3. Tidy
  4. Ogle Wii box some more
  5. Take bottles back
  6. Laundry
  7. Ogle Wii box. Wonder if I should try to hook it up myself.
  8. Look at back of TV that has 50 million inputs.
  9. Tidy up bathroom.
  10. Decide not to install Wii.
  11. Gaze forlornly at Wii box.
  12. Go for haircut at 1:30.
  13. Wonder when parents will arrive.
  14. Gaze eagerly at wii box.
  15. Contemplate buying a bbq too.

Agenda for tomorrow:

  1. Dad’s birthday
  2. Finish laundry
  3. Be lazy
  4. Play with Wii

Agenda for Sunday

  1. Go for Sunshine’s wedding at 11:30 to set up reception area
  2. Watch ceremony
  3. Go to bar supplied at reception
  4. Play with Wii


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