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Climate action dividend cheques are arriving in the mail. Apparently, they’re to help people make green choices. And on Monday or Tuesday a new 2.4 cents/litre gas tax goes on (oh and it also goes on natural gas, so even if you don’t own a car, you’re getting hit with it anyways. So are the people who deliver groceries, so you’ll be paying for it anyways. Revenue neutral my ass).

But, back to the cheques. Mine arrived yesterday sometime and I got it (them, really, because I get one and Darren gets one) from the mailbox this morning.

This is the outside:

Hi! I\'m here to help you make green choices!I picked it up and noticed it felt really substantial. I could practically use it as a pillow. Its soft and puffy (although the biodegradable window in the front is sort of crunchy, but whatever). On the back though, it says its printed on recycled paper.

So I opened it. Because I wanted to see what was in it that made it so soft and pillow-like.

And here you goReally! I\'m green!. Its stupendous really. From left to right: a twee brochure on how you can most appropriately spend your Climate Action Dividend. Suggestions include:

  1. Switching to compact flourescent light bulbs
  2. Weather strip windows and doors
  3. Install a high efficiency hot water heating system
  4. Install low-flow showerheads and keep showers under 10 minutes
  5. tune up your vehicle and keep tires properly inflated
  6. Install crawl space insulation

Lovely. I already do 1, 2 and 5. I don’t have a crawl space – just a ground level lower level of my house which is insulated and weather stripped already. So fuck that noise.

I have a low flow showerhead. And I doubt that you can buy and install a high efficeincy hot water heating system for $100. 

Vehicle tune ups should be done regularly since it helps cars pass aircare (hey, look! Emissions controls that have been in place for YEARS) and you don’t generally have to pay $100 to inflate your tires – you can get a tire gauge for under $20 at Canadian Tire and air is free at gas stations.

Back to the contents of the envelope. On the English side (its printed in English and French), in the bottom corner it says “by using 40% post consumer recycled paper for this project we saved…262 trees, 10, 780 kilograms of solid waste, 98, 978 litres of water, 34, 105 Kilowattt hours of electricity, 19, 595 Kilograms of greenhouse gases, 50 Cubic Metres of landfill space.”

Whoa. Like, dude. So if you used more post consumer recycled paper, you could have saved even more! Right (I might be wrong, I really have no idea).

The second thing on the picture is the envelope itself (also printed on recycled paper).

The third thing with the mad paint skillz on it is the cheque itself. Big enough for a tri fold, along with a nifty note from our ever-lovin’ Premier who sends us his best regards. The cheque itself is somewhat less than the bottom third of the page.

Um. Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but couldn’t they have saved even more ghg’s, etc (not to mention postage) if they’d just done direct deposit into my bank account? Now, I have to go to the bank to deposit this. Which I’ll combine with other errands, and I’ll turn my car off as I go through the drive through ATM, but still.

Do you see my point? They’ve probably created more waste then what people will save simply by issuing this cheque.

As for what I’m going to do – well, I have a web friend who lives south of the 49th. Her cat recently had a rather expensive surgery to remove a bladder stone. Its going to her to help pay the bill.

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Posted on: June 25, 2008

Seriously, folks. This is just too good and deserves an “I told you so”.

Despite increasing fares so that a round trip from Vancouver to Surrey costs in the vicinity of $10 now (oh and don’t forget the TL Board’s raises – that they approved themselves), TransLink is facing a $300 million shortfall by 2012.

You see, there are two ways TL can raise money. The first is to increase fares. The second is to increase property taxes. 

Yes, that’s right. An unelected board can raise your property taxes. And whether you rent or own (or the bank owns it), you’ll feel the hit.

So write your mayor (and all mayoral candidates). And let them know what you think.

More later, but for now I have to go to work.

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Have you noticed that every once in awhile I start talking about getting healthy, and working out and shit? And then I stop for a bit?

Well, its annoying because it makes me seem really inconsistent and not really interested in it. I have a reason though.

Every time I start working out, I get sick. Last time it was some sort of virus that settled in my sinuses. This time, it’s a virus that settled in my sinuses again (seriously, yesterday, when I got up, I blew my nose and I went through half a box of Puffs. I think part of my brain came out) including my ears so I have the added benefit of vertigo.


Tomorrow is tax freedom day – the day in which we start earning money for ourselves rather than for the government. Which is good, because property taxes are due the end of this month.

Also, I will be scarce this weekend as I have a contract (with a minion, but whatever) to teach, and an appointment today that will take most of the afternoon. It is, however, out in Abbotsford, so I can get gas at Costco, which is hopefully cheaper than what it is here.

Speaking of gas, our ever-lovin’ Premier refuses to delay the two-point-whatever “ecotax” on gas, despite the fact this will push it up over $1.50/litre, on average. I can’t tell you who’s getting my vote next year, but I can tell you who won’t. Personally, I think all of this eco-garbage stemming from Gordon Campbell’s liberals is just an effort to steal some votes from the more traditionally greenish parties next year. But you can read my opinion about that over here.

Today is also Friday the 13th of June. Good thing I’m not a paraskevidekatriaphobic. Or I might be nervous about this appointment in Abbotsford.

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Or maybe it is.

Some soul came to my blog via the search: how many glasses of wine to blow a .157.

Heh. Honey, I have no clue, because you know what? Yeah, I enjoy my wine, but when I have too much I make liberal use of public transit and taxis.


For the last two weeks or so, Darren and I have been looking for a Wii Fit. This has proved to be a rather difficult endeavour as they’ve been sold out across Canada. One option was to order another Wii with the Fit – but that would take 3 weeks and then we’d have another Wii, which wii we don’t need. The result is a series of emails during the day with the subject line “Wii fail”.

Last week, I got a call from him at work:

Darren: We win!

Or is that “Wii win”? At any rate, the Wii Fit.

It’s helluva a lot of fun. The hooping program is great – which is something Christa was trying to get me to try for awhile (although she never updates her blog, so who knows what’s happening on that end). Like any video game, there are tricks to it, but it focuses on core strength and balance. And has a few aerobic programs (including a step program which is kind of silly, but good for a warmup).

This post shows the return of the “Battle of the Bulge” category – and this time it’ll be all-encompassing: more cooking at home, less ordering out, 5-10 servings of vegetables and fruits a day.

As a result, this also represents the return of the WTF System category (not to be confused with WTF? category). Although I can’t find that original post, the essence is it’s a derivative of the FlyLady system – the “Working Twosome FlyLady System”. It includes basic stuff like menu planning, daily small chores to keep the clutter under control.

Because currently my coffee table is a disaster area. You should have seen the kitchen earlier.

I have other reasons for doing this, however, not the least of which is that I’ve been off birth control for a couple of months. I figure, if we’re going to chance bringing another life into this world, then I should get my own life as it is now under control.

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Posted on: June 7, 2008

(Idea shamelessly stolen from Citymama)


Many, many years ago, I was on vacation in Hawaii with my parents; I couldn’t have been more than 11 or 12. I had brought a new tape along that I’d bought at A&B Sound in Vancouver. I didn’t know what it was – I just liked the cover:


It was purple. It was cool. And it was called “Doubt”. It was by these guys who called themselves Jesus Jones (they ended up being one-or two-hit wonders).

I had just gotten back from a snorkeling session with my dad and was laying on the beach listening to that tape on my walkman. and this song came on:

And I loved it.

Fast forward about 6 or 8 years and I started taking Political Science courses, and becoming aware of the oppression that continues to exist, even in democratic, equal-rights bearing societies like Canada and the United States.

In 2001, I entered grad school – political science yet. One of the core books in the program was The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, by Thomas Kuhn. It’s a fairly short book, but somewhat difficult to read. His basic thesis boils down to the idea that, at any given point, there are people who have ideas that are outside the norm of what is acceptable. Using the examples of Copernicus and Galileo, Kuhn argues that over time these “non-norm ideas” start to become acceptable.

About a week after I started, the twin towers fell and the Pentagon was attacked. An irrational act, by North American standards and we went into lockdown. There were two routes the Bush Administration could take: revenge (currently acceptable norm) or compassion (outside the norm). Right there, right now, they chose the norm.

In November 2006, Nancy Pelosi was appointed Speaker for the House of Representatives. I cried tears of joy. Never before had a woman come so close to the Presidency – third in line, to be exact. The alarm was sounding for us to wake up from history.

When Hillary Clinton started her run for the Democratic nominee for President, I supported her – as a woman, what choice did I have? Although I don’t have a say in the US election, I saw this as a chance for the US and North America in general to wake up from history. Then, a funny thing happened – a young Senator of African descent from Illinois made his pitch for nomination as well. He spoke of hope, equality and fairness – echoes of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Bobby Kennedy. And he won me over – especially when I realized one of my friends, a woman of African descent – was rooting for him. I realized that whichever candidate won, they could wake us up from history through mere symbolism.

Who knew that at the same moment in history a woman and a black man would make the run for the Presidency and either would have a good chance at winning?

Today, I’m having problems holding it together as I watch CNN. Hillary Clinton is going to make a speech in a few minutes where she is anticipated to step down and endorse Barack Obama. As a woman, I am sad that she didn’t make it. As a Canadian Citizen, however, I believe Obama is the best chance, right here, right now for both of our countries.

So wake up – the revolution is passing you by.

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I just turned on the furnace! Because its 10 degrees out (50F)!

I am so ready for summer.


When you get up in the morning and have to clean up cat puke right away? Not a good start to the day. Especially when you don’t feel like getting out of bed anyways. So I came home early, cleaned up more cat puke (oh. Joy) and am now flaked out on the sofa watching the all brainwashing all the time channel CNN, because today, friends, history is being made. Honestly, even if I had work to do at work, I’d have a hard time concentrating. 

As I write this, Barack Obama is 12 delegates away from winning the Democratic Presidential nomination.

Hillary Clinton has said she’s open to running as Vice-President.

Today history is being made. Neighbours to the south, make it again on November 4.


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