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Friday – finally

Posted on: July 25, 2008

Things to be happy about

  1. Its Friday! Yay!
  2. T-6 days til laser surgery!
  3. Red Wine (from Mt. Boucherie – specifically this one)
  4. Cat sitting on the footrest and tickling my feet with her whiskers.
  5. Farmer’s Market tomorrow
  6. Time to actually get things done

And of it all, I think 3 and 6 are the ones I’m happiest about.

Pizza is ordered, wine is poured. I plan on catching up on some sleep this weekend.

Tomorrow is the Farmer’s Market here and my Egg Lady is always there with her amazing beans, cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers. And I have time to go to that and clear out the bottles and cans in my garage, and maybe even go to the chicken farm.

Unless I do what I did last weekend which was (a) sit on my kiester and (b) watch a bunch of movies. And right now, that is sounding pretty good.

Question for the masses: I have about 15 lbs of lean ground beef in my freezer – what do I do with it?

2 Responses to "Friday – finally"

Make up a couple meatloaves they’ll keep for a bit. I usually freeze two whole ones and slice two down freezing for quick meatloaf sandwiches. You’ll be going to the Farmer’s Market tomorrow I like to make mine with fresh peppers and onion. And I usually make chili to freeze at the same time. A couple loaves and a big pot all chili both easy peasy would put a nice dent in the beef you need to use up.

Equally easy and freezable for future dinners during busy times would be spaghetti sauce, meatballs, sheppards pie . . . or you could have a taco night. Mmmmm tacos.

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