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Bounty: the Farmer’s Market

Posted on: July 26, 2008

I just got  back from the Farmer’s Market that’s held every Saturday from May to October here. The end of July is usually a good time to go – crops are at their best around here, despite the cool-ish weather we’ve been having.

Today I picked up this bag of stuff:

Bag of goodies


Shall we see what’s inside?

(yes, yes, I know. There’s a mysterious paper bag in there – but I left one of my reusable produce bags in the fridge)

Raspberries: Local. Spray-free. Mmm.

I also got one of these cases of raspberries:

Hey, I just noticed that the box labelled “Fresh BC Berries is reflected in the window. Cool.

(Note to self: must learn how to use photoshop and deal with varying brightnesses. Or just learn to use the bazillion and three settings on my camera).

 Before moving onto the bag, lets get up close and personal with the berries:


Up close and personal with the raspberries. I think they might be embarazzed 🙂


So, back to the bag of bounty.

First I went to the Egg Lady and got some carrots and radishes. The radishes are big and plump, the carrots are a bright orange with long, leafy greens attached. They are also plump.


Plump radishes

I don’t have a picture of the carrots. They will be eaten soon. Or the potatos I got too. They will be mashed up for Shepherd’s Pie shortly.

Pattypan Squash

Pattypan Squash

Next door to the Egg Lady was another stand with pattypan squash. I grabbed a couple because I want to try this recipe from Robyn. I wonder if it can be done on the bbq instead? 


And the brown paper bag from above? That has campari tomatoes. On the vine.

There were numerous other yummy things there – beets and sweet onions and fresh garlic and artisan stuff too, from bread to handbags – all locally made.

So if you haven’t been this season, visit your local farmer’s market.

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