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Posted on: September 23, 2008

So I put that last post up about being knocked up and then I leave for a bit (after admonishing you that It Only Takes Once, Kids).

The partial truth is that I have nothing to write about. I could write about having a bun in the oven (but really, do you want to hear about my sore boobs? Crunchy got a hit of that in an email this afternoon and I think I scared her off) (and isn’t that the most nauseating phrase to describe someone who’s pregnant?), or I could write about politics (but really, I’m tired of that, and the Canadian election is boring), or I could talk about economics (but there many more people who are far better with economics than I am, so I’ll just leave the current issues at “The US is fucked, and Canada might be, too.”).

The other part of the truth is I am a bit overwhelmed with this pregnancy thing. I’m tired. I can’t seem to keep the house together, and I don’t make it past about 9pm which is why nothing is getting done.

So this is what you get: a couple of paragraphs (with a lot of parentheses)

1 Response to "Parenthetical"

hang in will (hopefully) perk up again soon!

The first few months with Adam I was asleep constantly…sooo tired.

Then you must do book reviews on all the dumb preggo books out there and list the stupid things people have said to you?

and yeah..while I have a bit to rant about ..I tend to save that for wet coast…crunchy is boring these days….

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