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Posted on: October 13, 2008

It goes without saying that I’ve got a lot to be thankful for today – and always. The usual of a loving partner, a roof over my head, food to eat, and basically living in the lap of luxury.

I’m also thankful for living in Canada. We’re lucky to live here – I don’t have to worry, next year when the poptart is done cooking, about how we’re going to afford doctor and hospital bills. We live an abundant life here and it shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Which, fellow Canadians, is why you need to vote tomorrow. Like I’ve said before, don’t take that right for granted. It wasn’t a right for a long time, and most of us, back when democracy started (see: Ancient Greece) would not have had the right to vote.

So don’t you dare take it for granted and not vote or spoil your ballot on purpose.

I don’t care which box you mark on the ballot tomorrow (make sure you mark it with an X). Just mark one, properly. And give thanks for all that you have.

(And for those who are unaware of it, you can check out the Election Prediction Project – they’re usually pretty accurate)

Updated: Gunfighter tweeted me the following:

HI Nicole! How would lyou like to see the outcome of your federal elections turn out? How do you lean? Labour, NDP, BQ?, Tory?

Note to Canadians: Gunfighter is a police officer and firearms instructor who supports Senator Obama. Hence the name.

What outcome do I want to see?

Well, I don’t care, by and large, especially since I fully expect another minority government. I don’t think ANY of the parties are ready or connected enough to the population to form a decent government. I fully expect another Conservative minority government. The question is, who will be the main opposition.

I also happen to live in a bit of a swing riding where its pretty much a dead heat between the Conservative and NDP candidates. The Election Prediction Project switched its prediction today from “too close to call” to “Conservative” (usually, when in doubt, they’ll switch it day before the election to the incumbent).

I don’t like Stephen Harper (seriously, it would help if his hair moved once in awhile) and I don’t like Stephane Dion (look, I know English isn’t his first language, but all he does is come across as the Crazy French Guy – I find him more ranty than Gilles Duceppe).

The Greens don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell. Yet. Give them 10-20 years (they’re about where the NDP were 15-20 years ago).

So I’m voting NDP. I don’t think they’re ready to form a government. But I think they’d make a damn fine opposition in a Conservative minority government.

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The NDP… if I were Canadian, that’s where I would come down, usually.

Sorry for the Liberal/Labour mix up, Nicole.


It would also help if Steven Harper’s eyes weren’t so close to yellow. The man has no soul.

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving..SUCKY election though.

Caity said he had ‘bad eyes’….

Go read my rant on wet coast about it!

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