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I usually get a case of the December blues. This year, aside from a relatively uncomplicated pregnancy (I have thrown up in the mornings twice in the past two weeks – I think its time to cut down to one cup of coffee), the last couple of weeks have been teh suck for a variety of reasons that have left me overtired and/or in tears for more evenings than I care to admit:

  • the hellish meeting that would not end at work;
  • [personal item removed for personal reasons] that resulted in 4 hours of broken sleep for a couple of nights in a row;
  • [personal item removed for personal reasons] that I’m just not going to talk about because I’m done being all panicked about it;
  • the virus from hell that knocked me out for a week;
  • the cat who we knew was on her last legs, and who I dropped at my parents’ place Labour Day weekend and didn’t get back up to the Shuswap since then (yes, my parents had to take her in the other day). She will be buried in the “back 40” with a garden to go in in the spring.

(yes, we will probably be getting a couple of kittens/cats at some point but not until well after the poptart is born)

I am so ready for December to be over.

And yesterday, I got angry and frustrated. I went out to get some curtains (which is another story altogether) and found myself yelling at other drivers who ultimately weren’t doing anything wrong – just driving safely in the snow. I almost called to cancel the cleaning service because all I wanted to do was go to bed and hide for the rest of the day.

And drink a bottle of wine (NO I DID NOT BECAUSE I CAN’T UNTIL MID-MAY).

So while the cleaning service was here, I loaded up my iPod with meditations and NLP stuff because I really need to change my mental state.

I found an aquafit class for 9am this morning – I will have to wear a tshirt over my swimsuit because I have NO IDEA where to buy a maternity swimsuit (I should really get on that). Hopefully the exercise will help release some endorphins.

I will find drapes that fit my windows today (the ones I bought were too long because I measured in inches and Jysk’s measurements are in metric). And I will hang them (the rods are up already)

I will go to the maternity store and get another pair of jeans (because 1 pair is just not cutting it).

I will find some boxes/containers for various extra dishes and other crappe that is sitting on my dining room table. phone the shelter to see if they want the old, brown chair the cat used to sit on,

I will make sure I get my 5 servings of fruits and veggies today.

And I will not give in to teh suck like I have been for the last 8 weeks or so.

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