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Christmas Crunch

Posted on: December 20, 2008

(Otherwise known as moving teh suck down the page – because I feel much better this morning; the smoke alarm went off at 4am (nothing was on fire) and we napped for about 4 more hours then, ah, bonded 😉 )

And no, this is not about a dessert, although I have had the odd desire to do some baking this year – and I do not bake; this must be what they call “nesting”.

This is about the last-minute crunch that occurs right before we leave for two sets of parents for Christmas.

To wit:

1. Find some drapes for the living room and the bedroom – I just had to move from watching the Big TV and the recliner couch to the Small TV and the squishy loveseat at the other end of the living room, because I was being blinded by the light (although its supposed to snow tomorrow so I should be more appreciative). The problem with this is that we seem to have odd-sized windows: all drapes are either WAAAAY too long or WAAAAY too short.

(yes, we have two tvs in the living room. The small TV is in the “gaming area” where the wii and some exercise equipment exist. There’s also a cable jack there so we decided, what the hell, we’ll plug it into the cable too. The wii used to be up in the den, but that’s becoming a nursery so it had to move)

2. Hang some pictures. We have PILES of pictures and artwork to hang that have been waiting for two years to be hung. I cannot wait as this house is starting to feel more like a home.

3. Figure out what to do with the extra stuff: cat toys, cat treats, kitty litter, corner tv stand, etc).

4. Find presents for the inlaws. I have NO CLUE and they object all the time when I get them stuff.

5. Pack. and pack the car. Check the weather.

6. When we find presents for the inlaws, wrap them.

7. Find my gloves. and possibly buy some winter boots because its going to be bloody cold (-20 with the windchill later tomorrow here, apparently. Snowfall and artic outflow warnings for the Fraser Valley. Driving in the snow. Gah.)

8. Clear my dining room table. For this I need some boxes of some sort to put the extra dishes in then find some place to store them.

Did I mention we’re trying to leave tomorrow? Depending on the weather? Because there’s an artic outflow warning and a snowfall warning for the Fraser Valley?

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Good luck finishing all your stuff, and I hope the roads aren’t too horrible for your drive. My current fear is that I will prepare a massive spread and then everyone will beg off due to weather.

Oh, and, Merry Christmas!

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