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Da loot

Posted on: December 26, 2008

We knew this Christmas was going to be “the baby Christmas.” Not baby as in “mini” but baby as in the spawn I am growing in my uterus that likes to kick my bladder new life we have lovingly created.

Sure enough, my parents got us a Graco travel system, a bassinet, baby blankets and a changing pad. I have to say that the stroller is pretty snazzy, collapses easily and comes with the infant car seat that we need in order to take the poptart home. Because 4 inch foam in the back of the Fit just won’t cut it any more.

Then we went to the inlaws who adore me, and I think they’re pretty cool too. They’re incredibly generous, kind people, with potty mouths. They usually give three different kinds of gifts, one of which is cash and don’t even get me started on that because every year it is Way Too Much.

The first kind of gift is a stocking, which consists of a lot of personal toiletry items. The first Christmas Darren and I spent together was the second time I’d met them. And they gave me this stocking with toothpaste, shampoo, deoderant, gum, etc in it. I was surprised and couldn’t help but think, “Are they trying to tell me something?”

That Christmas, as we were driving back to Darren’s condo, he said, “You know, the stocking means they like you. [Ex-witch] never got one.” To which I responded, “Oh good! I thought they were trying to tell me something!” (which kind of goes along with this post that I read at Motherhood Uncensored but I think I have a slightly different relationship with my inlaws then she does with hers).

So the stocking this year again had deoderant, toothpaste, etc. in it. And then there were the under-the-tree gifts, which were numerous: pajamas, and socks, and other incredibly useful things.

Moral of the story? Take presents as generosity – don’t read anything into it; people often mean the best but don’t realize how it comes across.

And even if they do mean it otherwise, it is Christmas; and what does a little goodwill cost you?

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I asked for a bathroom scale this year, and then when my mother got me one I was initially offended. Because, you see, I have a rational and well-balanced relationship with my family. 😉

Your way might be better, though. And the Graco travel system rocks! We’re on our second kid and it’s still going strong.

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