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Poptart Prep

Posted on: January 1, 2009

I’ve been exploring baby equipment that we’ll need.

The first couple of things were a crib and stroller/carseat. My parents got us a bassinet in lieu of a crib and it is quite the toy – its got wheels that flip up so it can become a rocker, a bedside attachment thing, it plays four different sounds and vibrates on about a dozen different settings. Its also a changing table.

The stroller rocks too. It collapses and sets up with one hand and is really, really light and sturdy.

The other thing is daily sort of care. Specifically, I’ve been considering cloth diapering – its way easier than it was, and substantially less expensive than disposables (not to mention a greener choice). I found Cloth Diaper Mamas through slackermama (Marilyn) which has a lot of different information in it (that I’ve barely scratched the surface on). After seeing how easy it could be, I started searching for more information and came across the Cloth Diaper Whisperer.

In short, they have all the information about where to get them, the different kinds, and how to cloth diaper.

(and they’re having a giveaway and this gives me an extra entry)


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Watch those bassinets though – we had a lovely one that did everything you just listed (and had a remote fer Gawd’s sakes – talk about overkill) and it only was for a baby up to twenty-some pounds….they grow out of those reaaaally fast!

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