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Cheese (swiss) for brains

Posted on: January 19, 2009

I didn’t mean to not post for 10 days. I just haven’t had much to say. With the Poptart (and yes, we have a name. I think. But we’re not sharing yet) making her presence well known, both internally and externally, there’s not much else going through my brain. Well, except for some work stuff, which everyone (and by that I mean you, unless you’ve been living under a rock) knows about and I don’t blog about, because Rule No. 1 is Don’t Blog About Work. Period.

I didn’t want this blog to turn baby-centric and I thought I could avoid it by talking about the mundanity and turning it humourous. However, I find myself lacking in that department lately. I can barely put two thoughts together.

I have this theory about pregnant women and the phenomenon known as “baby brain”. Up until the time they get pregnant, they have basically full brains (assuming they are adult women; I’m not talking about pregnant teens here). And when they get pregnant, all of a sudden they have to get all this new information into their brains and there just isn’t room. So some of the existing information has to leave in order to make room for the baby information.

The result is brains like swiss cheese. Perhaps not quite so smelly, but lots of holes.

That’s my excuse theory, anyways.

At any rate, I knew I needed some information because some things about babies are still a mystery to me. Not the diaper part – I think the smelly/soggy parts will be a good indicator. But stuff like:

  • How often do newborns need to nap?
  • How often do newborns eat?
  • How often should they poop? (am a firm believer in the plumbing working well, but with babies? HAVE NO CLUE)
  • Etc. ad infinitum. ad nauseum.

In other words, we are obliviates when it comes to 24/7 care of a baby.

So today, I picked up one of the Baby Whisperer books and read the first chapter/intro on the train ride home (before I fell asleep) and it seems to be pretty good so far. I like her philosophy on crying kids, and that every kid needs something different.

More later, when I read more of it.


4 Responses to "Cheese (swiss) for brains"

Like you said, they are all different. For the first little while, they’ll nap when they want to nap and not nap when they don’t. You just have to go with the flow and not force anything. The big thing is to try to get some sleep when they sleep, and be awake when they’re awake, regardless of the time of day.

For eating, you quickly get a sense of that. They make little movements with their mouth and you can tell by the sound of their cries. There is a chart that the nurses will give you that will tell how much milk per day they need to be drinking. Not as easy to track with breast fed babies as it is with bottles that have volume scales along the side.

Best thing generally is to weigh them regularly for the first while and make sure they are reasonably in the percentiles (should be at least 20%+, try not to fret too much if it’s 20-30, that happens.)

Food can be an issue, especially if you’re at opposite sleeping schedules of the child or if you’re not producing enough milk, or they’re not latching properly.

Pooping .. well, it’s not really the frequency that will be an issue but the appearance. This is pretty rarely an issue though compared to the eating/weight gain. Again, though, the nurses will give you a chart showing the appearance.

“What to expect” is the classic, I think, though I didn’t find it to be that great. Best thing is to hang out at a baby drop in place and talk to different Nurses and lactation consultants. They’ll be able to understand where your knowledge is weak and make sure you’re hitting the important points. You’ll get some misinformation though, so be sure to double check everything.

Lol..the amount of hours we spent just staring at he ok? What was that? …on and on.

newborns pretty much sleep, poop, cry, eat, sleep, poop, cry, eat…and so get into the rhythm.

The Mother of all Baby Books are great.Canadian author Anne Douglas is a just the facts mam sort and they really helped me.

To every question I answer, every kid is different. And your will be completely different to everyone elses.

Well that is what I found with mine.

Individuals from the zygote.

What…you’re not going to become a mommy blogger now?? 😉

It’s your first so you’re obviously going to be totally overwhelmed with learning – I sure was! But,knowing what I know now, I would say, just rest. Rest, rest, sleeping in, rest, relax, sleep 🙂

All of that napping and eating business works itself out. Newborns will eat and sleep when they want – no worries about schedules for a few months. My only regret though was not enjoying my peace more, not enjoying my nice, clean house more, not enjoying the ability to lay in bed on Saturdays and Sundays and just stay there. I don’t think a single weekend has passed that I haven’t been awakened by a cry or giggle or conversation or singing. EXCEPT when the grandparents take them – which is heavenly.

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