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Grace in Small Things 1/365

Posted on: February 14, 2009

So I am approved to Schmutzie’s Grace in Small things. I think it’s too easy to get complacent and complain, and ignore all the good things that happen around us, every day. So I joined the social network too.

And I was approved days ago (February 6, according to the date of this draft), but somehow, the days got away from me.

Today’s grace:

1. Today I am 27 weeks pregnant. With no complications or anything worse than a little insomnia at any time. Hello, 3rd trimester.

2. The baby’s kicks are getting stronger and keeping me up at night. She is particularly active today.

3. A series of fortuitous events in just the right timing means I am picking probably the best time to go on maternity leave and still have a job to go back to in a year. Which means this pregnancy, although occurring faster than we expected, happened at just the right time.

4. This blasted cold seems to be going away and I am generally in good health.

5. Oh and this:



A small thing, indeed 🙂

1 Response to "Grace in Small Things 1/365"

Awww I gotta get a 3 dee pic..but after the next US..that will be 3 this kid has had already…

I was invited to join the Grace thingie too..but am SUCH a negative nellie…

I would be a good exercise for me though..

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