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I started replying to this post over here, and then realized I was hijacking the comment thread, so I thought I’d make a post instead.

The last couple of days have been insanely busy. On Friday the inlaws called with directions to pick out some baby furniture. So on Sunday we went to the mall and looked at Sears and the Bay and got overwhelmed by the sheer amount of crap stuff you can buy for babies.

As an aside, seriously, people. They’re barely aware for the first six weeks; they’re focusing on growing and staying alive. So long as they eat, sleep and poop, you’re doing pretty good. The toys and swings can come later.

At any rate the result was we found some furniture, he snapped, I cried, he felt bad, we went home. I didn’t sleep much that night because who knows why, really. I ended getting up at 3:30am after giving up on the sleep thing.

That aside, I got a lot done from 3:30 until I had to go to work.

Monday we had prenatal and I’m pretty sure that the instructor likes us less each and every class. Especially when Darren refused to pretend to be a pregnant woman having a caesarean. She was Not Amused.

Note: this story is not as amusing as it sounds, except for the part where the instructor got all school-marm-ish, so you’re getting the coles notes version. Although we did learn lots which is another post in itself and proves just how ignorant we are about this stuff.

So that went from 7-9 after being at work all day. We had managed to get home at 6:30, grabbed a quick bite to eat and dashed out again. I was kind of tired, and went to bed shortly. And someone decided he wanted to get up 15 minutes earlier (there’s a reason for this) and so I missed out on some beauty sleep (waking up every hour the night before + less than a necessary 8 hours the next night = unhappy Nicole)

ANYWAYS (and my, that was quite the digression, but at least I can refer back to it for future posts because the baby brain is killing me. Slowly)…

Yesterday after work we went to the grocery store and then the chiro. I fell asleep in the car on the way home and I am usually somewhat cranky after a nap. I do not nap well and have a hard time getting going afterwards. Darren knows this and doesn’t talk to me much right after I wake up because he knows better than that.

We had two things to do that evening: some groceries and chiro appointments for both of us (they put us in the same room at the same time so it only takes about 20 minutes and $80)


We go to Safeway and its busy (for this one – its usually pretty quiet). And they have about 2 cashiers open. So I stand in line and Darren goes off to do whatever. And I wait while the cashier gets chatty. With everyone. And if there’s one thing I despise its chatty cashiers. I had suggested the self checkouts (which I lurve beyond reason), and Darren scoffed at it. And then left.

He also comes into the living room, changes the channel on the TV and then leaves a bit later.

So I finally get to the front of the line and the cashier and she asks me, “So when’s the big day?” and starts scanning my items.

And I just look at her because (a) its none of her business and (b) she has a job to do and quite honestly asking a stranger when her due date is not part of that job.

And she STOPS scanning, and says, “Well?” and looks at me expectantly like she’s not going to keep scanning stuff until I answer her. Then she started tapping the box of granola bars.

So I relented and mumbled something about May. She started scanning again and launches into a horror story of her own birth experience.

Moral of the story? Use the bloody self checkouts.

Then I went to chiro and he couldn’t get my back to move into place.

Then he says, “Well you weren’t as easy as you’ve been in the past…”

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