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Why you’re not getting a lecture about Why You Should Vote

Posted on: April 22, 2009

Normally, I’d be going batshit all over the place about the upcoming BC election and referendum and why its so important to vote in favour of the BC-STV (not a disease, but go over here to see a good summary and link to the main pro and con arguments, etc. etc.). In fact, normally I would be ranting about the electoral system but I had a doctor appointment today. And I have OTHER THINGS to go batshit about. Thank you, pregnancy hormones.

No, there’s nothing wrong. I think. This was the 36 week appointment, with the dreaded strep B swab, a blood draw, full urinalysis, blood pressure, baby heartbeat and fundal height measurement.

The baby kicked the student doctor. That was kind of funny.

Throughout this pregnancy, I have consistently measured 10 days to 2 weeks ahead. A couple of weeks ago, it caught up so I thought It Was All Good.

Today I am about 36 and a half weeks pregnant; fundal height was 38.

WAITAMINUTE, said my brain as I was at the lab seeing the vampires. Full term is 40 weeks! That’s like 2 weeks!

HOLY CRAP! said my soul. We need to pack! But we don’t have any baby clothes!

One sec, said my brain. Your shower is on Saturday. Wait to see what you’re getting.

NONONONO, whined my soul, we need to go get clothes now!

So I went shopping and got the necessities the hospital seems to think she’ll need: a couple of sleepers (pink with stripes and flowers), 3 onesies (yellow with fuzzy ducklings), and a hat and booties. All in 0-3 month wear (not newborn) because the good doctor is estimating she will be on the largeish side of 8-9 lbs. Eep.)

Just so she doesn’t have to go naked in a diaper for the first bit. Because I have some diapers.

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There’s something to be said for buying some clothes for your own baby. We got plenty of stuff, and that was great. But I enjoyed knowing that I had a hand in at least a few of my daughter’s wardrobe options.

But maybe I’m just possessive that way. 😉

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