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Two weeks

Posted on: May 31, 2009

As of 6:52pm tonight, we will have kept the poptart alive for two weeks.

Things I have learned:

  1. Yes, your boobs actually tingle when the baby cries. Or squeaks in her sleep. Or moves and you see it. Or think about her. Particularly if you’re engorged.
  2. The baby will wake up to eat when she damn well pleases, not when you need her to because you’re engorged.
  3. The breastpump is a godsend.
  4. Nursing tanks are expensive, but worth it.
  5. The baby will sleep. Eventually. Patience.
  6. You really shouldn’t overdo it the first couple of weeks after birthing a 8lb 9oz bowling ball (who was up to 8lbs 12oz at 10 days of age). Because then on a Thursday night you’ll freak out about the sudden onslaught of blood and take yourself to emergency to get checked out, only to be told its nothing to worry about and your body is trying to purge itself of old fluids, tissues, etc and its normal for the toilet to look like a scene from “Carrie.” Oh and to take sitz baths (and who knew? they actually help!) and to take it easy and put your feet up.
  7. Of course, 6 means that Darren will take the Friday off work to keep an eye on you which means you can go grocery shopping which sort of defeats the purpose of “take it easy”. Note to self: look into grocery delivery service.
  8. Overdoing it is much easier when every trip out of the car and into a building means lifting and carrying a carseat. Or carrying the bassinet up and down stairs. Or the laundry.
  9. Activia is the yogurt that makes you regular.
  10. The hormone crash sucks donkey balls. A baby sleeping on your chest makes it all better.

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