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Did do

Posted on: June 3, 2009

I read somewhere that its a good idea for new mothers, rather than having a to do list, create a “did do” list at the end of the day. Although its not technically the end of the day we are past the witching hour(s) here that run from about 1-3pm where I am used alternately as a buffet and a pacifier.

Today I:

– took Darren to the train
– had a nap when the baby napped this morning*
– got a roast in the oven
– registered Shannon for Medicare and extended medical
– ventured out and got a haircut because really the awesome pregnancy hair is no good in 31 degree weather (that’s Celsius, folks)
– did a load of dishes and unloaded the diswasher
– ogled my daughter. Lots.
– did a load of baby laundry due to a 3am diaper explosion**

*Yesterday I napped in the morning too after taking Darren to the train. I was so addled from sleep deprivaton that I woke up a couple of hours later and thought to myself, “I need to get up soon and take Darren to the train.” I rolled over and looked at the clock which read 8:30 and my brain exploded because OMG, I SLEPT THROUGH DARREN TRYING TO WAKE ME UP! I leaped out of bed, checked Shannon then ran down the stairs to look for Darren. I looked in the garage and his car was there. Now I was really confused. So I ran down to the office and it was only at that point that it clicked that I already took him to the train. Then I went back to bed for an hour.

**This is what happens when you take your newborn to the chiropractor. They poop.

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