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Oy. Vey.

Posted on: July 2, 2009

The good:

  • I had the foresight to arrange a grocery delivery today. It arrived.*
  • I managed to get in to see the chiropractor this morning.
  • I found a company open 24 hours that can come by and look at my garage door. They answered on the first ring at 7am today.
  • Today is fresh diaper delivery day

The bad:

  • The garage door wouldn’t close this morning; the motor just clicks.
  • I dropped Darren at the train and drove off before he could open the door to kiss the poptart goodbye. Bad Mommy.
  • I strained a muscle in my lower back yesterday.
  • It being fresh diaper delivery day, I put the poptart in a dispoable this morning.

The ugly:

  • I came back from dropping Darren at the train, pulled the car into the garage and switched the door to manual. Which means the door came down and
  • I had to lift the door to get the car out so I could get to the chiropractor with my aching back.
  • The poptart filled 5 diapers this morning.
  • A back strain takes about 6 weeks to heal properly.
  • $350 to replace the garage door motor.

Note to self: drink coffee before going to the train.

*More on that in a later post when I have 2 hands to type with.

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