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Posted on: November 6, 2009

Because I am coming down with something and feel like 10 lbs of poop in a 5 lb sack, you get this entry I started last week on Recent Things I Like:

1. My roomba. Its almost as good as having a cleaning service (which I used to have and miss terribly). Now if only it would dust and clean the bathrooms.

2. The Epicurious app for iPhone/iPod Touch. I’ve always grappled with how to get my electronic recipes into the kitchen. I didn’t want to take the laptop because it might get wet/damaged/etc. We were messing around with installing a laptop under the cabinets and programming it to invert the picture but I don’t really have a spot for it because of my lack of counter space. Now I can just take my iPod into the kitchen and look at it there. It will even create shopping lists for you, which enable better meal planning.

Yes, I know I could print them out but that seems wasteful somehow. And I end up with paper everywhere because I’m kind of bad about filing paper away.

3. The Poptart’s new noises. Specifically the fact that she plays on the floor going “ba ba ba ba”. Which is a lot closer to “Mama” than “Dada”, linguistically speaking (I know this because I took a linguistics course once twice. I failed it the first time).

4. A full night’s sleep for the first time in 5 days because of a combination of 6 month growth spurt plus teething.

5. Dooce’s book. Yes, I’m a bit behind but I got it from the library and there was only copy so it was a long waiting list.

What do you like lately?

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I like Halloween candy, purloined from my 4-year-old’s haul. Oh, and root beer floats. But that last one is sort of unspoken. Who doesn’t like root beer floats?

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