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November Project – Week 1 (In Photos)

Posted on: November 9, 2009

I blogged about my November Project earlier – focusing on reusing and repurposing things more. So here are the week 1 results:

1. Toy storage

The Poptart needed a laundry basket. She’s also outgrown her bassinet. So the bassinet got repurposed as toy storage for the living room, and the basket we had been using got switched to her laundry basket:



2. Baby Proofing

The TV stand in the living room is a Costco special. Its made of metal and heavy, tempered glass. Its big enough to support a 60″ tv. It is, in other words, a good item for the Poptart to knock her head against:



So we got some insulation tubing for water pipes. They’re foam tubes that have a slit up the side. They are now attached to the edges:


The Poptart, of course, has already figured out how to pull them off.

I’m calling this a repurposing because, well, it is. Even though we bought the insulation new.

3. I feel like a heel. Its kind of crummy

I made these:


Into this:


Rather than throwing out the bread heels, I turned them into bread crumbs. Please to ignore the parts to my blender and food processor lying about. Also please to ignore the dirty food processor.

So, did you reuse/repurpose things this week?

3 Responses to "November Project – Week 1 (In Photos)"

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I do the same thing with the heels of my bread. And, I also used the bassinette as toy storage. It was great, although we gave that up a while ago as the toy collection grew to vastly exceeded its containment abilities.

This week, specifically? I’ve been re-using a lot of glass jars. That counts, right?

Gah i forgot about the stupid tv stand. Tempered glass.

Oh and with Adam we had to give him a ‘fake’ remote to keep him away from the real one’s.

Think we will have to do the same with this one.

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