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I want a do-over

Posted on: November 24, 2009

Can I get a do-over for yesterday? I missed yet another post (so I guess that’s three I have to make up before month’s end) because I jinxed myself.

On my message board, I wrote a note about how well the Poptart sleeps at night and how we just let her fuss a bit if needed, providing some advice that someone was asking for.

Sunday night, she stayed up til midnight. And got up at 4. And then at 8 for the day.

Monday night, she stayed up til TWO A-FUCKING-M. And was cranky.

And got up at 4.

And then up for the day at 7:30. #killmenow

She hasn’t napped at all today except when she was in the car. And a half an hour on the sofa on me.

I would really like to know what drug babies have in them that make them so wide awake and CHEERFUL on such little sleep. Because, really, zoloft has NOTHING on that. If I find out what it is, I will bottle it and sell it and Make My Millions.

And just to really round out this day, she got her 6 month vaccines and the first H1N1 shot. Tonight could be really fun. Send wine.

4 Responses to "I want a do-over"

I completely remember those nights. Just when you think it’s all fixed they stay up all night. Actually that’s happening just as I write this – my 3-yr-old is refusing to go to sleep without Dad being home (he’s away for work). It gets better though. It does!…for the most part. Wine is in the mail. 😉

You win some, you lose some.

So, how was the wine??? My preferred self-medication at this point is Strong Bow. I am not much of a wine drinker… a glass is about it for me 😀

I am still where you are. I was suckered in by Q in the beginning and now we haven’t slept in 6 months. I hope you get your do over. 🙂

I was there…thankfully I am no longer. Amelia has been sleeping the night for me the past week or so. Yay for sleep 🙂

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