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Recycling Mystery

Posted on: November 25, 2009

Wednesdays, our garbage and recycling are picked up. Yes, both on the same day. Its incredibly convenient. I throw my one bag of garbage in the can in the garage, drag it out, and then put all the recycling bins out. I have my own stacking ones for glass/cans/plastic, newspaper, office paper and cardboard and one big blue bin from the recycling society that we use for bottles. The bottles are returned by the recycling society for the deposit, which is used to fund the society.

Now, on to my point.

Both garbage and recycling, including this bin of bottles, are set out around 7am. My neighbours two doors down in my complex also have the same stacking bins which they use pretty much exclusively for their myriad bottles (they enjoy their beverages).

At some point, the garbage truck goes by and takes the garbage. It’s almost always before the recycling people. Today, the Poptart and I were coming back from our morning program (Mother Goose, FTW!) and I noticed the garbage was gone. I pulled the car into the garage and went to retrieve the garbage can. I noticed the recycling from the other side of the complex was gone, as were my bottles. I looked at my two-doors-down neighbours and their bottles were gone too. The rest of the recycling on my side of the complex was still there.

I would have stopped and scratched my head but it was pouring. So I put the garbage can back, got us into the house, and went to find the roomba (it got jammed under the TV stand).

Then the recyclers came by and picked everything up.

This isn’t the first time my bottles have disappeared before the rest of the recycling; it happened a couple of weeks ago too. I figure there are 3 different options:

  1. The recyclers picked up the bottles when they made their first round.
  2. The garbage men took the bottles (although they are clearly in a recycling box) either for trash or the deposit.
  3. Someone is going through our complex, pilfering bottles before the recycling truck comes by.

And that is the kind of mystery that occupies your time when you should be baking cookies, when you’re on maternity leave. 🙂

4 Responses to "Recycling Mystery"

My guess would be someone is taking them so they can cash in the deposit. We’ve seen scavengers cruise our street, searching the blue boxes for returnable bottles.

I’ve also had SOMEONE dump their cat food tins in my blue box. WTF? Recycling pick up is free, use your own damn box!!

That’s a pretty crazy recycling you have. I dump all my cans bottles, plastics in a blue bin, cardboard in a yellow bag and newspapers in a blue bag. Pop cans or alcohol bottles get kept out until Ihave enough to justify a visit to the bottle depot.

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I vote for number 3. The same thing happens in our neighbourhood, too. All of those empties, ripe for the picking? People will come and scavenge them before the recycling truck comes.

I join in with #3. There is an old guy in our neighbourhood that rides his bike down the street and collects all the return-for-deposit containers. Once I saw the guy I felt bad for him so I usually put those containers in a separate plastic bag on top of all the recycling and he just whips by and picks it up.

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