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I’ve decided to start participating in Girl Talk Thursday. Hopefully this will mean I post at least once a week. The topic today? Pet peeves.

Most of my pet peeves relate to driving. Are you surprised? I am a pretty angry driver – in fact, I expect the Poptart’s first word to be an f-bomb for that very reason. Here is a sample (and only a sample because otherwise I’d be here for DAYS):

Talking on you cellphone while driving. I don’t care if you have a handsfree set or not. GET OFF THE FUCKING PHONE. You speed up, slow down, don’t pay attention. OMG, my blood pressure.

People who don’t pull up in the intersection while making a left-hand turn. Pull up, ffs. Think about the people behind you.

Be decisive. Make a decision about (i) which lane you want to be in (ii) which way you want to go and (iii) when you’re going to go. I know we all make small mistakes like this, but when you’re constantly weaving and changing lanes, you’re dangerous. And stupid. And OMG, my blood pressure.

Learn to park, dammit. And I’m not talking about parallel parking. I’m talking about straight-stall parking. It shouldn’t take you more than two tries to pull in, and one extra try to park straight. Just because you drive a bigass truck doesn’t mean you can take two or four spots. Because I? Have a baby, stroller, diaper bag, various toys, myself, etc. etc. to haul around and need just one spot.

A yield sign is not a stop sign, or, learn to merge, dammit. Let me make this abundantly clear: IF YOU ARE MOVING, IT IS EASIER TO GET INTO TRAFFIC THAT IS ALSO MOVING.  Pace traffic, find an opening and merge. Don’t stop and have all the traffic pile up behind you.

And OMG, my blood pressure.

Alternate title: adding to my bid for the Mother of the Year Award.

Awhile back, we did this to babyproof the TV stand so she wouldn’t whack her head against it, or if she did, it wouldn’t hurt in the same way that tempered, 3/4 inch glass hurts when it collides with a skull:

We thought we were all Clever, and Frugal, and Repurposing with it. It’s just foam insulation that you put around water pipes.

Today I removed it because the Poptart decided it would be a good thing to eat.

That foam, incidentally, does not digest. Just like band-aids.

I know it’s only a week into January, but I really think I’ve cemented the mother of the year award with my uber-good parenting today.

1. Before we went out to Mother Goose, I set up the kitchen and entry so that the roomba could run around in there. I was moving the chairs, etc., into the living room where the poptart was playing with the (metal) heating vent on the wall. Then she yanked a tag off the the chair that I hadn’t removed. By the time I got to her she had consumed about a quarter of it.

2. I picked her up, put her pants on (she hangs out in a shirt only, usually), and went to put her boots and coat on her. When I got to the entry, I noticed there were drops of blood on her pants and shirt. I looked all over my hands for it; turns out she cut her finger open on the heating vent.

3. I took her upstairs, cleaned the cut and put a couple of those little round bandaids on it. Then I packed her in the car and went off to Mother Goose (you see where this is going, right?). When I got to Mother Goose, the bandaids were off her finger. I only found one of them.

It’s okay – it was one of the fabric ones.

And yes, I put new pants on her.

And that was just TODAY. Earlier in the week, I washed her sippy cup in the dishwasher and then filled it and put the lid back on – without the valve. It took me about 4 days to figure out why she was choking on the water all the time.

Just give up. Mother of the Year Award 2010 is MINE.


Posted on: January 2, 2010

Pronunciation: \ˈlis-tiŋ\
Function: noun
Date: 1641

1 : an act or instance of making or including in a list
2 : something that is listed

Main Entry: 7list
Function: verb
Date: 1626

intransitive verb

: to tilt to one side; especially of a boat or ship : to tilt to one side in a state of equilibrium (as from an unbalanced load)


I am not sure I have been the best person I can be for the past 8 months. I have become a mother – a huge change for me and my life has been revolving around the baby. There are times where I feel like I am losing myself. I have been listing – unbalanced.

So, in an effort to stop listing, I am listing my resolutions by theme month by month.

January: Finding Balance

1. Take time for myself daily and weekly in order to find myself.

  • Take half an hour after my shower to meditate or read.
  • Go for a swim or aquafit class one night per week after dinner.
  • Take a 2-4 hour block of time one day on the weekend to myself and get out of the house.
  • Take 20 minutes a day to do the 30 day shred.

2. Get started on the Poptart’s baby book. I have a bunch of free 4×6’s from Costco – I might as well use them.

3. Take an hour 3x/week while the Poptart is sleeping to do the necessary reading for the course I signed up for at University of Victoria*:

  • when the Poptart sleeps in, unplug: don’t turn the TV on and leave the internet alone. Do the reading and the notes, then do the rest of the stuff.
  • Use the Poptart’s nap times, when possible to do the work.

4. Set up a weekly meal plan by major food group. Find at least one new recipe to try each week (more on this over the weekend – I have an idea but that is a post in itself).

5. And participating in this because it sounds like fun and a good way to reconnect.

And that seems like enough.

January 2010


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