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Babyproofing gone awry

Posted on: January 9, 2010

Alternate title: adding to my bid for the Mother of the Year Award.

Awhile back, we did this to babyproof the TV stand so she wouldn’t whack her head against it, or if she did, it wouldn’t hurt in the same way that tempered, 3/4 inch glass hurts when it collides with a skull:

We thought we were all Clever, and Frugal, and Repurposing with it. It’s just foam insulation that you put around water pipes.

Today I removed it because the Poptart decided it would be a good thing to eat.

That foam, incidentally, does not digest. Just like band-aids.

3 Responses to "Babyproofing gone awry"

All those years hanging out at pools with pool noodles (made of the exact same stuff) with bite marks out of them, and you’re suprised your child is eating this? Really?

We have a raised surround around our fireplace that I was always worried out. There is a foam strip that we bought at TJ Kids that we put along it and it’s stayed in place through both kids. It’s much denser than the foam you put on so I don’t think she’d eat it. Or you could just leave it. We have a glass tables all over the house (dining room table, coffee tables, TV stand…yeah we didn’t really plan our purchases that well for the arrival of kids) and although we’ve had a few bonked heads neither kids was seriously injured.

We ended up putting our glass coffee table in the basement while A was little. Seemed to make sense as we’d have more room to play in the family room.

Other than that, I have done NO baby proofing at all (besides baby gates) . I did zero for my first as well. Luckily, she wasn’t the kind that got into mischief. I possibly should have done more for the 2nd as she IS one to get into mischief (and delights in putting EVERYTHING into her mouth, even at 18mo) but I was lazy 🙂

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