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Girl Talk Thursday: Petting my Peeves

Posted on: January 21, 2010

I’ve decided to start participating in Girl Talk Thursday. Hopefully this will mean I post at least once a week. The topic today? Pet peeves.

Most of my pet peeves relate to driving. Are you surprised? I am a pretty angry driver – in fact, I expect the Poptart’s first word to be an f-bomb for that very reason. Here is a sample (and only a sample because otherwise I’d be here for DAYS):

Talking on you cellphone while driving. I don’t care if you have a handsfree set or not. GET OFF THE FUCKING PHONE. You speed up, slow down, don’t pay attention. OMG, my blood pressure.

People who don’t pull up in the intersection while making a left-hand turn. Pull up, ffs. Think about the people behind you.

Be decisive. Make a decision about (i) which lane you want to be in (ii) which way you want to go and (iii) when you’re going to go. I know we all make small mistakes like this, but when you’re constantly weaving and changing lanes, you’re dangerous. And stupid. And OMG, my blood pressure.

Learn to park, dammit. And I’m not talking about parallel parking. I’m talking about straight-stall parking. It shouldn’t take you more than two tries to pull in, and one extra try to park straight. Just because you drive a bigass truck doesn’t mean you can take two or four spots. Because I? Have a baby, stroller, diaper bag, various toys, myself, etc. etc. to haul around and need just one spot.

A yield sign is not a stop sign, or, learn to merge, dammit. Let me make this abundantly clear: IF YOU ARE MOVING, IT IS EASIER TO GET INTO TRAFFIC THAT IS ALSO MOVING.  Pace traffic, find an opening and merge. Don’t stop and have all the traffic pile up behind you.

And OMG, my blood pressure.

19 Responses to "Girl Talk Thursday: Petting my Peeves"

The best part of being laid off and kicking it at home is that I don’t have to do the rush hour trip anymore. I HATED the rush hour trip, and I worked in a suburban industrial park so there was no good transit and it would have more than doubled my trip which isn’t so great when you have daycare pick-up. I am a much happier person now that I don’t have to handle all that traffic anymore.

I am often convinced that I am the only person who knows the traffic laws in my state.

Especially when it’s raining really badly and people assume that nice big space between me and the semi-truck is there for them to slip into with no signal, rather than being a safe distance from which I could brake if I DO NOT WISH TO BE KILLED.



I am cracking up that all of your pet peeves are road rage related ^_^.

Oh yes, and also people who insist on going 40 when they’re getting on the highway where traffic is going 70. Makes zero sense to me.

I hate the people who park all crooked in the space, making the next person have to park crooked, and then before you know it, the cars are INSIDE OUT.

Just today, I pulled a totally dopey move while trying to park my boyfriend’s stupid Yukon. I was totally “that girl”. But, rightfully so, I had tried to pull into a space, it was handicapped, so I pulled out, and into another, that was, again, handicapped (this store had 6 spots, apparently, half of them are handicapped) and then finally into a regular spot. I was annoying myself with my bad driving!

yes, yes, yes and yes (although I do talk on my phone in the car… ooppsss. don’t shoot me, ok?) For realz on the lefty turners, indecisive bullshitters, and non-yielding MFs. Also, welcome to GTT. I love love love Thursdays now.

I would love to see you verbally kick the crap out of someone on the road. It would be AWESOME.

The merge thing pisses me off too. In fact my Hubby and I bitch about it so much that when we are driving, K will often yell out Merge! Merge! from the back-seat.

Ah, a fellow road-raging commuter. ❤

Do you yell at other drivers – even though they can't hear you – because it makes YOU feel better, or is that just me…

You are spot on with all of these. I REALLY hate people not using their signals, and the indecisiveness kiiiiills me.

Okay, and for those of us spend time in a car in the downtown core, a rant directed at bicycle riders: yes, I know you are more eco-conscious than me because you are not in a car, but that still does not entitle you to be on the road, wearing all black with no reflectors or lights, in the dark, in the pouring rain. I mean, throw me a bone! It’s not like I WANT to run you over. Also: pedestrians wearing same in the same conditions and crossing the street at random intervals – if I can’t see you, I can’t avoid hitting you. I look for you at intersections but don’t really expect you to appear in front of my car in the middle of the block.

Thanks for the opportunity to rant. When I pick up The Imp at daycare every day it’s like I’m driving through an obstacle course. Of people who want to die.

Ack. Those of us *who* spend time…

Oh cyclists are a whole other rant. 🙂 I find it sort of unfortunate that the whole pro-cycling thing has gotten so involved with being environmentally friendly – I think if they could have kept it as a mode of transportation it would be better and you wouldn’t end up with these holier-than-thou ninnies who think because their chosen mode of transportation is more environmentally friendly than yours, they can do whatever the hell they please (see: riding crosswalk, without a helmet, in the dark without reflecters, wearing dark clothes, ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD).

OMG, my blood pressure 😉

yes to all of these, particularly the people who take up more than one parking spot. My car has suicide doors. Move the eff into the area between your two lines so I can get my kids out of the damn car. a-holes.

I fully appreciate and agree with ALL of these.

Ha, I have SO many pet peeves about driving, too! All of these are definitely on the list. I have this theory that everyone should take the driving test every 5 years, including a physical and eye test. And make it STRICT. How much do you wanna bet accidents wouldn’t happen nearly as often and people would actually drive WELL?

[…] I wrote a bit back about my pet driving peeves. And while these tend to make my blood boil, there’s one other thing that really, really, […]

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