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Overheard, or famous last words

Posted on: February 1, 2010

The scene: in the car, dropping Left Coast Mama off and preparing to go in to pick up the Poptart:

Me: Oh, a meter.
Left Coast Mama: Oh that’s okay. They don’t monitor the meters at 6:15pm on a Sunday.
Me: Right.

20 minutes later, I get back to the car, put the Poptart in and find this gift on my windshield:

Famous Last Words

(Click to embiggen if you like).

Edited to add: in no way am I blaming Left Coast Mama, who arranged for a group of us to go to High Tea at the Secret Garden, and whose husband, the ever-gentlemanly @AnthonyFloyd, took care of the Poptart for a couple of hours.

I just happen to have the worst parking luck ever. I almost always luck out and find a spot, but am prone to getting parking tickets. Like the time I parked (illegally) to dash into a bakery for 5 minutes, came back out and found a By-law officer writing me a ticket. I hopped in the car and drove off before they could say anything though. And then there was the time on Commercial Drive when the meter expired 10 minutes before I got there and I had a ticket. On a Sunday. At 5pm.

7 Responses to "Overheard, or famous last words"

You shouldn’t be too surprised…after all the City is DROWNING in a 25 million deficit so they need to make up some cash somehow 🙂

I say make @LeftCoastMama pay it LOL

Thanks Carrie. I feel so loved. Especially after my husband babysat the poptart so we could go out.

That suuuuucks. 😦

Remind me never to park near you, I don’t want the bad mojo rubbing off!

And sorry about that. No fun, no fun at all. 😦

You and me both sister! I PAID by phone and still got a ticket – if I want to fight it I have to go in PERSON to protest it! I’d almost rather pay it!!!

I LOVE the secret garden. And it’s in my new rockin’ hood!

(the rockin’ part is sarcasm)

(I’m sure you got that)


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