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I believe in good grammar

Posted on: February 13, 2010

I wrote a bit back about my pet driving peeves. And while these tend to make my blood boil, there’s one other thing that really, really, bugs me.

I am a grammar queen.

“Could have”, people, not “could of”. Hell, I’ll even accept “could’ve”.

Know the difference between their, there, and there they’re.

OMG, my blood pressure.

Which brings me to my issue with CTV’s Olympic Song: “I believe”

It bugs me. Okay, so I’m a bit of a metalhead, but that’s not the reason the song bugs me. It bugs me because it’s gramatically incorrect, all for the sake of a rhyme:

I believe in the power that comes
From a world brought together as one
I believe together we’ll fly
I believe in the power of you and I

It’s you and me. You wouldn’t say “I believe in the power of I” would you?

And this bad grammar is being broadcast all across Canada and around the world.


10 Responses to "I believe in good grammar"

Ouch. Bad grammar hurts my ears.

You put “there” twice, one should be “they’re”. FAIL.

Why thank you, An (which I assume is short for “Anonymous”).

Considering it was not used in a grammatical context, it’s technically a typo. Although I expect that since you’re the expert on these things, you could clear things up.

I am not a grammar expert. I do try but I know I must make mistakes all over the place. I’ve often thought of taking a brush-up course. There must be one out there. If you ever read my blog…be kind. 😉

This grammatical error has been driving me crazy! I like the song but it really bugs me. I just had to find someone else out there who felt the same!

Hey you grammar queens out their! ohh opps or is it “out there” Who cares!! really!! Take a deep breath and embrace the real meaning to the song!!…””””………..I believe in the power of you and I……….”””

Come on. Haven’t you ever heard of “poetic license”? You say, “all for the sake of a rhyme”. Well, that’s exactly the reason, and a good one at that. Try writing poetry or song lyrics which rhyme without being a little loose with grammar. It’s pretty damn hard, and not necessary. We’re talking about art, not a bloody essay here.

I’m not defending the song, because I don’t like it, but I am defending the use of poor grammar in songs and poems.

I’m glad someone else noticed. Urgh.

There’s no convincing defense of this error. Song lyrics of this calibre are not difficult to write. It would be exactly as easy to find a way to rhyme with “you and me” as with “you and I.”

The mistake is not the result of some clever use of “poetic license.” The song is a very, very long way from anything resembling poetry. No. Not art. Ignorance.

I always wonder when I use you and me (the test for that being would US work or WE?), whether they think I have questionable grammar! Go grammar Go!

One person’s art is another person’s rubbish. I never said the song was brilliantly masterful.

Blog owner edit: stuff deleted because it wasn’t clear if it was a racial slur.

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