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Girl Talk Thursday Goes Olympical

Posted on: February 18, 2010

This week’s GTT is all about the Olympics. Of the non-athletic variety. Nerd Olympics, if you will.

Everyone knows I live in the Vancouver suburbs, right? It is All Olympics, All The Time, and frankly I’m a wee bit tired of it. Olympicked out, if you will. Isn’t three days enough? or one?

I am, after all, the queen of Try Almost Anything Once (with the exceptions of heroin and crack and other illegal substances and various other things that offend my not-so-delicate sensibilities). In fact, if Trying Almost Anything Once was an Olympic event, I’d get a gold medal.

What would you medal in?

5 Responses to "Girl Talk Thursday Goes Olympical"

I would get an Olympic medal in ignoring the mess to save my own sanity. I am very, very good at ignoring the mess.

I just love you for using the word “Olympical”.

I’d medal at let’s see, there are so many events: impatience, worrying and freaking out. Hee Haw. Everyone deserves a medal!

ooooohhh, good one. I’ll try anything once…and twice if I like it!!!:)

I can just imagine how crazy it is where you are right now. I managed to move to SLC 7 months after the Olympics were here. And boy am I glad! I prolly woulda turned right back around and left if I had to be exposed to that craziness. 😉

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