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Girl Talk Thursday: Getting my bitch on about the IOC and Jacques Rogge

Posted on: February 26, 2010

This week’s Girl Talk Thursday is about getting your bitch on. Let it all out. Please note, there is more than one f-bomb in here.

I’d normally have posted yesterday, but yesterday I really didn’t have anything to bitch about. My life is pretty good. The thing I’m going to bitch about offends me deeply, on a fundamental level.

That thing happens to be Jacques Rogge. And the IOC in general.

Last night, the Canadian Women’s Hockey Team beat their US counterparts in the Olympic Gold Medal game. And I say beat rather than “won against” because the Canadian ladies blanked the US ladies 2-0. It was awesome and I am so incredibly proud of our women for dominating the game from the outset.

After the game, they got their beer on and went out onto the ice after all the spectators had left and climbed on the zamboni. And the IOC is all offended by this, and Hockey Canada, being Canadian has apologized.

NEWSFLASH: Hockey players like to drink beer after the game! Also, the sky is blue!

THEN, and OMG my blood pressure (for real this time), Jacques Rogge says something about how women’s hockey will have to become more international and widespread and not so dominated by two countries if it is to stay in the Olympics.

Really, Jacques? Really? Never mind that it took half a century for men’s hockey to become internationally competitive.

And how dare you, you arrogant prick – you couldn’t even wait until after the Olympics were said and done and let the women have their moment?

Fuck you, Jacques Rogge. You owe an apology to all female hockey players, especially the Canadian and American women, who, through no fault of their own, grew up playing with the boys and men. This is how they train. How about the IOC put money where their mouth is to encourage women in other countries to train with the men, and allow girls into boys’ leagues like they do here?

You also owe an apology to the Finnish women who are spectacular in their own right, and all the women all over the world who have fought against cultural stances that may prevent women from participating in traditionally male-dominated sports.

And you owe an apology to Canada and the US – for being so disrespectful that you can’t even let us have our moment.

Fuck you, Jacques Rogge.


5 Responses to "Girl Talk Thursday: Getting my bitch on about the IOC and Jacques Rogge"

Amen! Why take away from the fierce accomplishments of all of the teams like that by trying to CREATE controversy. We aren’t talking about anything like many other sports have dealt with, like doping–this is just how, as you say, the training and priorities are panning out. The politics of this is shameful.

Here here! I made similar comments in my recent blog…no where near as bitchy as you though as you 🙂

Amen, sister!

Also? I am still angry about women’s ski jumping. Another example of sexism from the IOC.

Well not much to add to that! Hear Hear! And sorry where is my beer?

We talked about this in my Sociology class before the Olypmics had started, about the construction of gender in sport. One gentleman had the audacity to suggest that by human nature we were just innately more interested in men in sport than women . . . um yeah, meet me in the playground after class? The discussion was mainly around the women’s ski jumping issue, which was taken to the supreme court of Canada, where they ruled that there rights were indeed being violated and this was discrimination, but since the IOC was an international organization, they had no jurisdiction to overturn the ruling.


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