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The Post-O Glow is Golden

Posted on: March 1, 2010

As Canadians, we’re thought of as apologetic. Humble, even, sometimes (and good god, isn’t that arrogant of me? :)). We set out to Own the Podium this year in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. That is, the program wanted us to win the most medals overall beating out our neighbours to the South even. Well, we didn’t. And really, at having roughly 10 times the population of us and a much larger pool of athletes to draw from, they should have a lot more medals than us.

We ended up with 26 (including both men’s and women’s hockey gold medals. We own hockey again!). The US put in a really good show (gotta love the Flying Tomato) and ended up with 37, the most medals ever at any Olympic games. Germany (who also has a much larger population than Canada) ended up with 30.

So the Own the Podium people said the program didn’t meet it’s objectives. But you know what, peanuts?

What? says the peanut gallery.

We have the most gold medals EVER at any single Olympic games. EVER. That’s a pretty good feeling and accomplishment for a country with about 33 million people in it. Own the Podium? Yeah, I’d say we own the podium with a golden post-o glow.

2 Responses to "The Post-O Glow is Golden"

Have the Own the Podium people actually said that the athletes didn’t meet the objectives? I hadn’t heard that. I think our athletes did friggin’ awesome! Especially when you consider the amount of money available to US athletes. I think they should weight the number of medals (3 points for gold, 2 for silver, 1 for bronze). I wonder what the outcome would be then. (I could figure it out myself but, you know, I’m lazy)

I think that we Canadians are justifiably proud of our athletes. We didn’t get the most medals, but we did amazingly well, and we more than made up for never having won a gold on home soil before. Plus, really, as long as we won gold in hockey, that’s all that matters to a lot of people. When I was downtown yesterday and people were screaming, “We won the gold!” we all knew WHICH gold they were referring to.

And, as my friend pointed out, we built the podium. So, technically, the physical object does belong to us. We could keep it in our living room just for kicks. That’s owning it in the most literal sense. 😉

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