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I was looking for a topic to write about today for NaBloPoMo and getting slightly panicky that I have nothing to write about when a topic fell through my reader into my lap(top). Its Mediocre Topic Tuesday and the topic is “How do you compute?”

We have a lot of computers. A LOT. Anyone who has been to my house and has seen “the office” knows that it is a scary, scary place. I have one little corner and the rest is Darren’s Stuff.

I have two computers. Three if you want to get technical. My desktop, which Darren built and works better than any desktop I’ve ever had. For real. It never crashes. It doesn’t like windows vista so much, but really, who does?

I have a laptop from which I do my surfing, writing, etc. etc. these days. It sits in the living room for now which is where the Poptart and I spend much of our days. Its actually a tablet: the screen rotates and folds down flat so I can write on the screen if necessary. Its lightweight (3 lbs) and I can easily haul it around if I need to. Its not super powerful and is a bit of a battery suck, but that’s typical for tablets. It also isn’t a big fan of Vista, but I hope to upgrade it to Windows 7 soon.

I have a second tablet that runs a bare-bones Windows 7 with Microsoft Office on it so that I can use my powerpoint presentations when I teach. Its the sicker of the two tablets.

I also have an iPod Touch which, with all the new apps? is da bomb. I pooh-poohed the iPhone when it came out, but I can see why people want them now.

(don’t be scared of the jargon up there. That’s the extent of what I know. I’m a computer tech’s wet dream or worst nightmare: I know just enough to cause extensive amounts of damage. This either keeps the techs in work or gets them too much work)

So, how do you compute?

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