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First, a word of thanks for all the kind words in the comments on the previous post. And Sunshine, we’ll see you on Saturday for lunch 🙂 I wrote that in a fit of sleeplessness and the next night I had a motherhood fail of epic proportions: I nursed her down, put her in the bassinette and put the bassinette in the bed right next to my head (I slept downstairs so that Darren could get some sleep), then fell asleep. About an hour later, I woke up to Darren standing over me, picking up the Poptart because she was screaming (gas and she’d been a Screamy McScreamerson all day). And had been screaming for a half an hour and I’d slept through it. With her literally right next to my ear.

So yeah. FAIL. You can imagine how good I felt about that one.

I took her to the chiropractor the next day to piggyback on my appointment and he gave her a bit of an adjustment. She has been excessively regular ever since and my chiropractor is excessively proud that babies are excessively regular when they come and see him.

Speaking of, can you get fit (or fitter) in15 minute chunks? The Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA) is issuing a challenge: do 15 minutes of some sort of exercise per day for seven days (okay so it started yesterday, but who cares? do it anyways). And Andrea at A Peek Inside the Fishbowl has a contest for it. So go over there and comment and commit.

Also, exercise = endorphins = opiates produced by your brain and body = TEH HAPPY.

Today I’ve committed already to go for a walk with a mommy group. Should take about an hour. With a 10lb weight in the stroller.

The last couple of nights have been a lot better mainly because I have finally figured out the benefits of nursing while lying down. Like sleep. And its at this point that I offer my arse for kicking because I was one of THOSE PEOPLE who scoffed at the idea.

For the last two weeks or so, Darren and I have been looking for a Wii Fit. This has proved to be a rather difficult endeavour as they’ve been sold out across Canada. One option was to order another Wii with the Fit – but that would take 3 weeks and then we’d have another Wii, which wii we don’t need. The result is a series of emails during the day with the subject line “Wii fail”.

Last week, I got a call from him at work:

Darren: We win!

Or is that “Wii win”? At any rate, the Wii Fit.

It’s helluva a lot of fun. The hooping program is great – which is something Christa was trying to get me to try for awhile (although she never updates her blog, so who knows what’s happening on that end). Like any video game, there are tricks to it, but it focuses on core strength and balance. And has a few aerobic programs (including a step program which is kind of silly, but good for a warmup).

This post shows the return of the “Battle of the Bulge” category – and this time it’ll be all-encompassing: more cooking at home, less ordering out, 5-10 servings of vegetables and fruits a day.

As a result, this also represents the return of the WTF System category (not to be confused with WTF? category). Although I can’t find that original post, the essence is it’s a derivative of the FlyLady system – the “Working Twosome FlyLady System”. It includes basic stuff like menu planning, daily small chores to keep the clutter under control.

Because currently my coffee table is a disaster area. You should have seen the kitchen earlier.

I have other reasons for doing this, however, not the least of which is that I’ve been off birth control for a couple of months. I figure, if we’re going to chance bringing another life into this world, then I should get my own life as it is now under control.

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I returned to the gym today at lunch after a long time of not going. I was doing the Tales from the Scales challenge last year, but between the work, the school, the contract work, the maintaining the house, yadda, yadda, yadda, I was just too exhausted all the time to do anything else.

Yesterday I got poked and prodded seven ways from Sunday. Well, not seven. But three, at least. The annual poke ‘n prod, the blood draw at the lab for a rubella-immunity test (which I don’t think I’ve been immunized against since I was a tot) and the dentist for a tooth-scraping.

And I had my blood pressure taken; it was a bit of an unhappy 134/88 (last year, I was told I had the blood pressure of a teenager). “More exercise, less salt?” I say to my Doctor. “Yes,” she says. “Aim for 40-45 minutes 4 or 5 times a week.” I was a bit surprised at that – but hey, I have 6.66 hours free every week at work, am allowed to combine all my breaks, and the gym is across the road from work.

So no time like the present. I combined my lunch breaks and did 40 minutes on the elliptical today. I am such an all-or-nothing kind of person.

I am a wee bit tired. My arms and upper back ache from being on the elliptical. But its a good sort of ache. I am looking forward to my jacuzzi tub tonight.

I just went over to Tales from the Scales and found out that it will be closing doors on April 17. Its sad, but even sadder is Beth’s story of late. She needs some time. And while the loss of Tales will be huge to those who depended on it, I would say to them that the community still exists. Help each other.

And remember that Beth is still out there.

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