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Dear Sears Canada:

Why do you only offer a portion of the stuff online that you offer in your stores? This is not helpful when building a baby registry.




Dear Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC):

I thought I would try to support Canada’s premier department store (and the oldest company in the world) with my baby registry. I know you’re having money issues and things have been tough. So because my time is very limited, I was ecstatic when I saw you could make a baby registry online.

Except then I discovered that I could set up the registry online, but in order to add stuff to it, I’d have to actually go into the store. Further, I’d have to make an appointment.

HBC, WTF? I can understand that you want people to actually go into the store because then they’re more likely to buy stuff. But I just want to add stuff to my registry. And the point of an online registry is that I can sit at home, naked, and add things to my registry.

Can we fix this please? I’m assuming its the same for your wedding registry so you might want to do something about that because people are busy these days – they want to be able to build registries when they have the time.




Dear Toys R Us:

I was looking forward to building my baby registry with you. I am a big fan of the one-stop shopping. Also, you have an online registry and people can order from there so its great for people who are in locations where there is no physical Toys R Us.

Also, the online registry where you can add items you want to it. Seeing as I’m rather pinched on time until my maternity leave starts, and the start of that is too late to build a registry, I thought this was a fantabulous idea.

Except when I tried to add some Pink Zebra Booties, it substituted Blue Elephant Booties. And then I tried to add some pink and purple soothers and it substituted green soothers. And then some pink onesies and yellow onesies and it substitute blue. I thought this was really odd so I looked for an email address where I could ask my question about why the fuck its doing this. Because really, if I wanted blue or green, I would have PICKED blue or green.

(And yes, I know girls can wear blue or green, but the principle is that the customer gets what the customer wants, generally. And when it comes to a baby registry, its a highly emotional process. Don’t mess with Mommy)

And there was no email address on your site that I could find. So I called customer service and was told that the online registry automatically substitutes items when the ones you pick are not available in the warehouse. Upon asking how to fix it, I was told to try again later, or go into a store and to add what I wanted. Or they could connect me to a local store who might have the item in stock and they did they could get the SKU number and manually add it to my registry.

Toys R Us? This does not help me at all. If I had the time to call the store or go into the store, I WOULD GO INTO THE STORE AND DO MY REGISTRY MANUALLY.

The point of an online registry is that people can add what they want ONLINE. Its a disservice to customers, not to mention disrespectful of their time to force them to come in (especially when the nearest Toys R Us is a 30 minute drive away).

So when I finally dig up an email address for you by googling “Toys R Us Canada” I am further unimpressed by your answer that you’re “working hard to resolve this technical issue” and that you’re unable to help me at this point. This is when I ask you to delete my registry.

And I finally got what I wanted: you deleted my registry. Thank you for this excellence in former customer service.



July 2020


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