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I think it’s 7, anyways, does it matter? Because why limit it to 365?

1. A case of free-range chickens.
2. 60 pounds of grass-fed beef.
(In other words, enough meat to not have to buy any until about February)
3. A happy, healthy, growing baby who said “mum” today while looking at me (even though it was probably an accident, but she only said “mum” once not “mumumumum” like she normally does, so I’ll take it)

4. A warm house on a blustery day.
5. Multigrain garlic buns and leftover salad for dinner (leftover meaning it’s a mix of leftovers with a few things added in; some people make soups, I make salads).

1. Hearing the first sounds the Poptart made today when she woke up: laughter.
2. Starting to recover from a rotten cold.
3. A 2 hour nap in the middle of the day.
4. A partner who works hard to take care of his family.
5. Nature, for providing me with the ability to protect my child from this rotten cold. In other words: yay for breastfeeding.

Its been awhile, so here goes:

1. Feeling better than I’ve felt in a long, long time.

2. Handmade soaps

3. Baby sleeping 12 hours for the last 3 nights…

4. …allowing me to sleep and…

5. …replenish my stash of frozen milk.

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1. Falling asleep on the couch from 10-12 last night
2. Getting another 5 or 6 hours straight of sleep last night when the Poptart decided to sleep from 1-8
3. Having a partner that steps up and takes care of the Popart so I can get some sleep
4. Venturing out over a bridge as a family for the first time.
5. Being able to have a glass of wine with dinner and being relaxed enough from semi-adequate sleep to enjoy it.

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Because really the last couple of days have been rough (thank you post-partum hormone crash), I’m going to cheat on the grace in small things and just do this one:

1. IMG_0815

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Okay so its been awhile since I’ve done one of these. But here we go:

1. Coworkers thoughtful enough to gift a spa certificate for a surprise shower.
2. This cake, also at the office shower – it made me laugh:

let them eat cake

3. The way the weather here cools after a short hot spell.
4. The first stretch of sunny weather after a long, grey winter.
5. Starting my maternity leave. 🙂

Yes that is buttercream frosting. There was custard in between the layers of chocolate cake too.

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The last two weeks:

  • I have been sick and am having a hard time kicking the last of whatever virus I have.
  • I have banked an additional 25 hours of overtime (despite there being a ban on overtime)
  • I have been working one extra day a week on a contract (with an apprentice)
  • I am freaking tired

Today I have a day off. And I woke up at 3:30am completely stuffed up. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

So lets try to find some grace in this, shall we?

Grace in:

  • The quiet of an early morning when no one else is awake
  • Reading half a book with my morning coffee
  • Potential for a well-deserved nap this afternoon
  • Time to breathe, reflect and meditate
  • Time to slow down and find grace in waking up at this early, quiet, peaceful hour.

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