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So last Saturday, there was a tweetup/meetup/whatever over at Timbre Restaurant on Commercial Drive (and I totally recommend the crab cakes benny). They were very accommodating, especially since there’d been a miscommunication about the number of kids who would be there. All the kids were very well behaved.

Anyways, it was fun. I acquired a bunch of clothes for the Poptart from Michelle. The only reason the Poptart has to be upset now is that she has no good reason to go around naked all the time any more. 🙂

You can check out these other people for more details because I had one glass too many of wine last night and woke up with a headache:

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(List shamelessly stolen from Scatteredmom – who bakes really good cookies:

Also, in blog news I registered, or attempted to register, my own domain last night. It’s currently cued for manual processing (I have no idea what that means) so keep an eye out to where to redirect your feeders, bookmarks, etc. Maybe. 🙂

You’re running out of time to RSVP for the meetup/tweetup/whatever. If you want to go, you have to fill out the form by Thursday, March 4th. Otherwise, you won’t be able to hang out with some uber-cool people like Scatteredmom (who is bringing these cookies! if that doesn’t make you want to show up, I don’t know what will); Left Coast Mama; Amber; Carrie; Zoeyjane (whose name is actually Terra); Crunchy Carpets (whose name is also Kerry but spelled differently) and a bunch of other people (sorry I didn’t include everyone but I’m getting tired of making links). Oh and the Poptart will be there.

So go. Sign up. Have fun and hang with some really cool people for a bit and have some brunch.


Date: Saturday March 6, 2010
Time: 11:00am (please be on time as much as possible!)
Place: Timbre Restaurant, 2068 Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC

So awhile back, scatteredmom and I had a conversation about a tweetup/meetup/whatever in March. And like anything on Twitter, it sort of exploded (but in a good way! It’s great to see that people want to get together). Most of the tweetups/meetups/whatevers seem to be downtown or on the west side so we thought we’d change things up and head for East Vancouver. Specifically, Commercial Drive.

So Crunchy Carpets sent me a tweet awhile later suggesting Timbre Restaurant. I eventually got ahold of them and we have a date and time set! Finally! It took so long because teething is hell and I needed someplace that was licensed because it’s always happy hour somewhere (but that’s a different post, entirely).

Date: Saturday March 6, 2010
Time: 11:00am
Place: Timbre Restaurant, 2068 Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC

RSVP by March 4 (see below)

I’ve told the guys at Timbre that we’ll be about 20 people, so please to click here and  fill out the form by March 4 . I’m sure they’ll be accommodating if we’re a bit over.

Note: this is not just directed to moms! Bring spouses! come by yourself! All welcome! 🙂

I know it’s only a week into January, but I really think I’ve cemented the mother of the year award with my uber-good parenting today.

1. Before we went out to Mother Goose, I set up the kitchen and entry so that the roomba could run around in there. I was moving the chairs, etc., into the living room where the poptart was playing with the (metal) heating vent on the wall. Then she yanked a tag off the the chair that I hadn’t removed. By the time I got to her she had consumed about a quarter of it.

2. I picked her up, put her pants on (she hangs out in a shirt only, usually), and went to put her boots and coat on her. When I got to the entry, I noticed there were drops of blood on her pants and shirt. I looked all over my hands for it; turns out she cut her finger open on the heating vent.

3. I took her upstairs, cleaned the cut and put a couple of those little round bandaids on it. Then I packed her in the car and went off to Mother Goose (you see where this is going, right?). When I got to Mother Goose, the bandaids were off her finger. I only found one of them.

It’s okay – it was one of the fabric ones.

And yes, I put new pants on her.

And that was just TODAY. Earlier in the week, I washed her sippy cup in the dishwasher and then filled it and put the lid back on – without the valve. It took me about 4 days to figure out why she was choking on the water all the time.

Just give up. Mother of the Year Award 2010 is MINE.

…you get four entries today. They will be done in order to complete NaBloPoMo.

I really should have scheduled posts in advance. I’m usually pretty good at planning, but not so much with the pre-planning and pre-dating blog posts.

And the last post today? Will be a doozy that will probably result in loss of followers on twitter and people abandoning my blog.


Doing her Mike Tyson impression:



Last year, when I was pregnant, I signed up for a flu shot through my employer. I put a note on the form saying I was pregnant and could you make sure to provide the shot for pregnant women instead of the standard shot, please. I got to my appointment with the Public Health Nurse and she didn’t have it. So I didn’t get the shot.

I’m fairly certain I got the flu. It was miserable. Darren was about 10 minutes away from hauling me to emerg when my fever broke. I missed over a week of work.

Last week, Darren had some sort of illness and didn’t go to work. He had all the symptoms of the H1N1 flu. The Poptart and I seem to have escaped it.

So on Monday, I go to the doctor to get my H1N1 and seasonal flu shots. I fall into one of those priority categories at the moment – a caregiver of a child under 6 months of age. The Poptart will be 6 months old on November 17.  On November 24, she gets her 6 month needles.

And therein lies the issue. The original thought was that I would get the flu vaccines, produce antibodies (hopefully) and pass them on to the Poptart by breastfeeding.

Well, it seems the antibodies don’t transfer well through breastfeeding. And its only 80% effective; I may be part of the 20% of the population that doesn’t react to the vaccine.

So we’re leaning towards delaying the 6 month vaccines and getting her an H1N1 vaccine instead, and possibly a seasonal flu vaccine as well.

Leaning. Not 100% convinced yet. Mainly because we don’t understand what happens at the 6 month mark that suddenly makes this vaccine okay for babies.

So questions for the doctor on Monday:

  • should she get the H1N1 vaccine? should she get the seasonal flu vaccine?
  • should we postpone the 6 month needles to give her the flu vaccine(s)?
  • What happens at 6 months that makes the vaccine okay?

On the one hand, I’m kind of leery of giving her more needles than what she needs. On the other hand, I’d feel really terrible and guilty if she got sick and I didn’t do everything I could to protect her.

The Scene: watching the Poptart laying on the floor playing with the frame of her bouncy chair (the cover was being washed)

Darren: She’s just absolutely fascinated with that. Who knew?
Me: Well, it’ll be like toys she’ll get: she’ll be more interested in the box than the toy.
Darren: You know what that means? We can take toys she already has and make them disappear a couple of weeks in advance, rewrap them and give them to her. It’ll be like all brand new toys.
Me: She won’t always have the memory of a goldfish. Eventually she’ll be too smart for that kind of thing.
Darren: Yeah, but until then, any toy is fair game! Regifting at its finest!

For the most part, I lead a fairly normal, everyday existence. Except, it seems, when it comes to traffic accidents. Or at least incidents that involve ICBC.

A decade or so back, I was driving along on a cold winter morning, hit a patch of black ice, and lost control of the car. I had a choice: I could hit the bushes (choice number 1), a fire hydrant (choice number 2) or a telephone pole (choice number 3). I aimed for the bushes and hoped for the best.

I hit the fire hydrant.  And although my little Chevette didn’t launch into the air on the top of the geyser emanating from what was the fire hydrant, the amount of water was quite impressive.

About a week back, I got a call from ICBC saying saying I’d had an accident on September 2nd in Surrey although I hadn’t been anywhere near there. About 5 years back, I had a motorbike. When I moved in with Darren, the bike was not working so well, I didn’t really want to fix it, so I called a junkyard to come and pick it up and that was the last I heard of it.

I never cancelled the plate because…well, I didn’t. I have no excuse. Some jerkwad has been running around with my old plate for the last  5 years and had an accident. ICBC called me because when they put the plate number into the computer my name came up.

Anyways, that just goes away.

And then, there was yesterday. I picked up Darren from the train, we went to the store and were coming back along the highway. I moved into the right turn lane to, well, turn right. In front of the truck in front of me, this mountain bike comes flying out onto the road.

By which I mean somebody threw it onto the road. “The hell?” I said. The truck swerved to miss it, and then the guy who threw it came out and picked it up so I continued on, thinking that he was removing it from the lane.

And then he threw it again. It bounced off its front tire and hit our car on the back passenger door side. Where the Poptart sits. I slammed on the brakes and Darren leaped out of the car.

The guy was already turning around and walking back to his front door.

Now, Darren is not a small man. He stands 6’2″ and 240lbs (or so). He looks like a cop. He has presence when he wants to.

You can bet that guy turned back around right quick.

And then Momma Bear got out of the car and went and gave him shit for throwing crap onto the road and hitting the car where my daughter sits.

Asshat Mountain Bike Tosser: I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to hit the car but I’m sick of these crackheads next door putting their shit on my yard.

Momma Bear: I don’t particularly care. YOU lost your temper. YOU threw the bike and it hit the car right where my daughter sits. YOU could have caused a really serious accident. OWN IT. Unless you’re telling me that the crackheads next door are in charge of YOUR emotions and reactions, and then you have other problems.

There are scratches and dents on the door that need to be repaired. I get to go to ICBC on Thursday sometime.

Oh and the Poptart was completely oblivious to anything that had happened.

But really – who gets hit by a mountain bike that’s tossed into the road?

Faking it

Posted on: June 14, 2009

So yesterday I went to the BlogHerVanCity thing and met some frabjous (and hot*) people, some of whom I’ve been chatting, emailing and tweeting with for months. Kind of a reverse one-night stand, if you will. The poptart slept all of the way there even though I strolled her down the torn-up Granville street that has no sidewalks except packed gravel and from one noisy location to another. Then she slept part of the way through the thing, and snuggled with Mr. Lady, ate, then fell asleep again shortly before we left. She sqwaked in the car a bit on the way back and then fell asleep until we got home.

And I met Susan from 5 minutes for mom who (is fabulous and wonderful and I really like her even though we only talked for about 10 seconds), who told me in no uncertain terms and possibly more than once how put-together, calm and organized I am going out with a four-week old. I thanked her profusely.

Because it is not true. By a long shot.

When I got home, the poptart woke up, we had company over and I ended up nursing her all evening, most of it upstairs in the nursery. Darren came up once to check on me and I snarled at him. I went to bed after I nursed her down even though company was still here.

Today, I have been crying quite a bit. Some days are good; some are not so good. Earlier in the week, I tweeted: “today is a hard day” because it was and I spent most of that day crying (she stayed up til 3am. Enough said)

I don’t sleep more than 2 hours at a stretch** (lack of shadows? That’s foundation and concealer and transluscent powder and some interesting eye makeup to make everything lighter – thank you, What Not to Wear). Even when the poptart sleeps longer, I get up every 2 hours, on the dot, to check her. I also lucked out in that I dropped the pregnancy weight within 10 days and can fit into last year’s summer clothes (that lack of muffin top? that’s a pair of pants where the waist doesn’t actually touch my skin unless I bend over or lean back or to the side).

So I take Susan’s words about being put together as a great compliment.

One of the things I tell my swim instructor candidates is if you’ve got a gap in your lesson plan, fake it. DO SOMETHING until you figure it out. Anything. Do something you did before, or try something new. Preferably, try something new that’s not too far beyond the limits of what your swimmers can do.

In other words, fake it til you make it.

So, although its easier to stay home, I go out: to the store, the library, the doctor, coffee and walks with other moms. And I plaster on makeup and a smile and I fake it. Because if I don’t fake it, for while, I won’t ever do it.

And so last night, although I felt left out of the conversation because I had to feed the Poptart, I mourned the loss of my previous life. As an ex’s mother used to say: life BC – before children. At the same time, this is so much better, in so many ways, even if I have to fake it for awhile:

oh baby baby


*Hopefully Mr. Lady will let me keep my teeth for that.

**Yes, yes, I know. Sleep when the baby sleeps – not happening. That advice is a load of shit. If I’m still having this issue at the end of the month at the 6 week post-partum check, I’ll mention it to my doctor and see what he can do. And yes, Darren helps out, but really, he can’t lactate and she likes the boob.

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