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This was originally going to be about the Calgary Flames and the Abbotsford Heat jumping the queue for the swine flu vaccine, but this conversation is much more entertaining:

Darren (glancing over at the title to this post): Don’t include the Icehogs in that.

Me (blank look): Who?

Darren: The Icehogs. They’re Chicago’s farm team.

Me: [raises eyebrows]

Darren: Yeah, they’re getting new jerseys. They’re going to have a picture of a hog with a surgical mask.

rockfordiceswine(Image shamelessly taken from the Blackhawks chat boards)


While over at friends’ house for dinner last night (the have a 7 month old):

Me: Yeah, for swimming lessons, Darren gets to go because I will be THAT parent that I warn my candidates about.
Darren: And if she gets into hockey you can be Sarah Palin!

I admire a man who likes to live dangerously.

I was sort of nervous to post this because then I might lose my two or so readers. And then I saw Mr. Lady’s Easter Post. Apologies in advance, but I can assure you, we’re both going to hell for this one.

Me: Happy Jesus Coming out of  a Hole Day!
Darren: Yes! 6 more weeks of winter!
Me: [giggles]
Darren: Its true! He comes out of a hole, sees his shadow and there’s 6 more weeks of winter!

Happy Easter. 🙂

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