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Doing her Mike Tyson impression:



Before the poptart was born a friend gave me a pile of baby girl clothes and a Fisher Price Kick ‘n Play*. It’s a bouncy chair with an arch that…oh hell. Here’s a link to a picture.


Today we put the Poptart in it, then went to pour some wine and when we came back, she’d flipped herself over and out of the chair.

I guess this is why they say not to use it once the baby can sit up. Which means we have to put it away and find her another chair.

Therefore, I am taking donations of baby/toddler chairs. But not bumbos, thank you.

*This is another one of those things that take THREE AA batteries. This one is extra special in that it takes THREE AA batteries in two different spots: the arch and the seat. Fisher Price, I’m looking at you and saying, WTF? 4.5 volts? MAKES NO SENSE.

Since the Poptart is a standy baby and is 18lbs and change and my arms are feeble get sore holding her up, we got borrowed a rather ancient exersaucer from the neighbour:

She liked it well enough but seemed to get bored of it pretty quickly. She did seem to like bouncing in it, although she had to work pretty hard to get it moving.

I remembered that friends of ours had a fairly cool exersaucer/jumper combination thing for their son (who is 13 months). So I emailed her and asked her what brand, etc. it was

So she emails me back, and tells me its the Fisher Price Precious Planet one and did we want to borrow theirs since their son isn’t using it anymore.

You bet we did. It matches her high chair too:

She liked it well enough and it kept her entertained for a few minutes when we first put it together.

The thing on the front is actually a music box that lights up when she bounces in it. The bottom panel underneath has five screws and it takes 3 AA batteries.

Sidenote: what is it with these baby toys and things taking three batteries? 4.5volts? WTF? the baby monitor, the kick ‘n play and this thing all take THREE batteries. We have rechargeables, but you can only recharge them 2 by 2. Also, the screws in the panel covers = EVIL.

So the other night we brought it home and Darren put it together and put three batteries in the music box. When he came up from downstairs, he told me we needed more batteries because all he could find were the cheap ones. I assumed he meant the Kirkland (costco) brand.

And the music box didn’t really work. It didn’t light up and it just kind of grumbled. I just sort of assumed it was busted, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, etc.

Today I remarked to Darren that the music box didn’t seem to work. “Yeah,” he said. “It’s kind of broken.”

“Or it could just be the cheap batteries.”

Its a good thing I went to Costco yesterday and picked up a pack of batteries.

So I unscrewed the panel, took out the cheap batteries and they weren’t the Kirkland ones. They were the direct-from-some-developing-nation batteries of a brand you’ve never heard of that came with some remote control or something. And they’d been dead for awhile already.


And then I went out and bought rechargeable batteries. And wine. Because we are brilliant like that. Remind me to tell you about the leaky shower sometime.

So how about a picture instead? This one always makes me smile:


After all, she already has my heart

All your souls are belong to us

The Scene: watching the Poptart laying on the floor playing with the frame of her bouncy chair (the cover was being washed)

Darren: She’s just absolutely fascinated with that. Who knew?
Me: Well, it’ll be like toys she’ll get: she’ll be more interested in the box than the toy.
Darren: You know what that means? We can take toys she already has and make them disappear a couple of weeks in advance, rewrap them and give them to her. It’ll be like all brand new toys.
Me: She won’t always have the memory of a goldfish. Eventually she’ll be too smart for that kind of thing.
Darren: Yeah, but until then, any toy is fair game! Regifting at its finest!

Do you remember those old text games, like the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? Where you’d type in the action you want Arthur to perform and when you needed time to pass in the game you’d type “Wait” at the prompt and it would say “Time passes…”

So I’ve been waiting for time to pass on this Zoloft thing. A couple of weeks after starting it, I was feeling better. Not great, but better. I could get through the day without crying and the Poptart’s fussing/noises weren’t like nails on a chalkboard any more.  I figured if this was as good as it got, I could live with that.

Time passes…

A couple of weeks after that – all I can say is I feel about a gazillion times better, possibly better than I’ve felt in years. I don’t feel frantic, or angry and things are just not so damn personal. I’m more motivated and it doesn’t seem like so much of an effort to get out of the house.

except for that time I pinched the Poptart’s finger in the plastic clip of her carseat and she screamed for a half hour. The Mother of the Year award is MINE, I tell you, MINE.

Time passes…

I went hiking three times this week, schlepping the Poptart in the babyhawk, and can I tell you? Those extra 15 lbs (or so) going up some fairly steep inclines? You feel that.

Time passes…

And in the interest of time passing, I finally sent an email to an agency that helps people get nannies.

Yes, we are going the live-in nanny route when I go back to work. There are a number of reasons for this.

  • I am a bit of a diva (as most of you know) and do not like the idea of daycare, generally. If it were part-time, I’d probably be okay with that, but fulltime? I don’t think so.
  • I know her immune system needs a workout, but she doesn’t need every bug that’s floating around out there.
  • It will cost no more to have a live-in nanny than to send her to full-time daycare. Probably less while she’s still under a year.
  • We hope to get some light housework and cooking out of the deal.
  • The Poptart does not need 12 hour days out of the house.

Time passes…

Its three days since I started this post. And I have to get the Poptart ready to go to the doctor for her 4 month shots.

The Poptart is rolling over now. We are in so much trouble. She’s actually been rolling for about a week, but seems to have figured out how to do it now rather than it being pure accident.

Many thanks for the kind comments on my last entry. I feel much more stable now.




 The short of it is that everyday tasks have seemed herculean to me over the last month. Shredding was the last thing on my mind.

For the last month or so, I have been feeling…off. I have been angry. And when I wasn’t angry, I was anxious. And when I wasn’t angry or anxious, I was sad. Often, I was all three at once. Getting up was a daily challenge and I dreaded daybreak, which I saw more often than not. Every morning, I’d hope she’d sleep just a little longer, so I wouldn’t have to interact with her as much that day. Every day seemed longer and longer until 5pm rolled around.

Last week, I had an optometrist appointment – a follow up to last year’s laser surgery. The poptart screamed all the way home, a good 30-40 minute drive. The thought crossed my mind that it’d be better to just ram the car into the concrete median, because then someone else would take care of me and the poptart and I could get a break. We both arrived home in tears.

I pulled it together long enough to feed the poptart and then phone my doctor’s office.

It is vaguely ironic when you phone the doctor’s office for help and get a busy signal. It’s somewhat like calling 911 and being put on hold, I imagine.

I did call back and made an appointment for Monday.

There were several times over the course of the few days from Thursday to Sunday and even Monday morning that I almost cancelled. And except for the almost-panic attacks in Zellers and Superstore I might have.

Anyways, I went. And well. Zoloft. Generally, I’m not much for pharmaceuticals. But I can’t afford to have any more time where I’m not 100% there for this:

8 weeks

Yesterday I spent the day away from the Poptart for the first time since she was born and it made my chest ache.

Yes, I missed her. But I don’t mean my heart ached (although it did a little). I mean my chest ached.

Note to self: bring the breastpump next time.

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