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…then, well, it can’t be all that bad.

Then again, I think I have a bit of an addictive personality (see: wine, smoking) and since I can neither drink wine nor smoke at the moment (and really have no intentions of restarting the latter), I’ve been feeding my addiction/obsession in other ways. Like menu planning.

Over at orgjunkie is a weekly thing called menu plan Monday. Basically, its a way to force you to menu plan for the entire week. Dinners, mainly. I’ve menu planned before and (a) lost weight  and (b) been much less stressed. I’ve even done the thing where you prepare a week’s worth of meals on a weekend day and freeze/store them in anticipation of the upcoming week. However, (a) is not a priority at this point and (b) doesn’t always work because someone doesn’t like leftovers as the main dish. Sometimes this is a “too bad, find something else for yourself” day but not often. Instead I use the leftovers for salads, sandwiches (although we are trying to reduce sugar so breads are sort of iffy), etc.

SO, where was I?

Right. Awhile back, I emailed Katie asking for various grain-type recipes because really, this baby doesn’t seem to like me eating too much animal protein (dammit. Although I did put away over a pound of steak one night last week, but I hadn’t really had much protein over the course of the day). She pointed me to 101 Cookbooks and I liked her salads so much, that I decided to incorporate them into my meal planning for this week. And just the other day, I was thinking that I needed a good, basic, pancake recipe. And then Amber posted her pancake recipe. So I took this as a sign that I should start this meal planning thing again.

But, internets, I don’t know about this. I have taken this meal planning to a whole other level. Seriously. Its on a spreadsheet. There is a second worksheet on it that has a Complete Shopping List For the Week. That are sorted by category.

Add to that in about 10-12 weeks, if not a bit earlier (but not TOO much earlier), I’m just not going to have the time to do a hell of a lot of cooking or planning.  So I want to plan out six months’ worth of meals. On a spreadsheet. With weekly shopping lists. That are sorted by category.

Today, I’ll be making a week’s worth of breakfast wraps and storing them in the fridge. Also, a big batch of the chopped miso salad from 101 Cookbooks ( link below).

So here you go: Menu Plan Monday for the week of March 9-14

9 Mon
Eggs & toast
Pasta salad with chickpeas & avocado
Roast Chicken with vibrant green beans

10 Tues
Breakfast wrap
hamburger soup (already in freezer); salad
Leftover pork roast with salad
11 Wed
Breakfast wrap
Chopped miso salad 
Leftover chicken with cooked veggies and rice

12 Thu
Toast with cheese and peanut butter (not together – one slice with cheese, the other with peanut butter)
Pasta salad with chickpeas & avocado
Steak, wild rice, salad with balsamic vinaigrette

13 Fri
Cottage Cheese with cucumbers and toast
Chopped miso salad with chicken added
Dinner: TBD, probably order in because its the second-to-last episode of BSG, EVER.

14 Sat
Pancakes and bacon
Chicken sandwiches and salad
Almost cheeseless pasta casserole; meatballs in marinara sauce; salad

For the last two weeks or so, Darren and I have been looking for a Wii Fit. This has proved to be a rather difficult endeavour as they’ve been sold out across Canada. One option was to order another Wii with the Fit – but that would take 3 weeks and then we’d have another Wii, which wii we don’t need. The result is a series of emails during the day with the subject line “Wii fail”.

Last week, I got a call from him at work:

Darren: We win!

Or is that “Wii win”? At any rate, the Wii Fit.

It’s helluva a lot of fun. The hooping program is great – which is something Christa was trying to get me to try for awhile (although she never updates her blog, so who knows what’s happening on that end). Like any video game, there are tricks to it, but it focuses on core strength and balance. And has a few aerobic programs (including a step program which is kind of silly, but good for a warmup).

This post shows the return of the “Battle of the Bulge” category – and this time it’ll be all-encompassing: more cooking at home, less ordering out, 5-10 servings of vegetables and fruits a day.

As a result, this also represents the return of the WTF System category (not to be confused with WTF? category). Although I can’t find that original post, the essence is it’s a derivative of the FlyLady system – the “Working Twosome FlyLady System”. It includes basic stuff like menu planning, daily small chores to keep the clutter under control.

Because currently my coffee table is a disaster area. You should have seen the kitchen earlier.

I have other reasons for doing this, however, not the least of which is that I’ve been off birth control for a couple of months. I figure, if we’re going to chance bringing another life into this world, then I should get my own life as it is now under control.

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