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Its no secret that I love food. I also love convenience. Given the state of the economy lately, I think its really important to I started this page out of a desire to have easily-accessible, and somewhat comprehensive information on local and/or organic farms, foods, wines, etc. None of this is is for profit.

In BC, we’re extraordinarily lucky. Farm-fresh produce is available almost all year round. Farm-fresh meat is also readily available. Given the recent rise in gas prices, I hope this is an area where people will make a bit of an effort in order to think globally, and act locally.

Personally, I am lucky enough to get numerous home-grown vegetables from Darren’s parents every year. I’m also lucky enough to live on the border of Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, so I have access to lots of local growers and suppliers. These are just a few of my most informative sites, and a few places where I get BC made foods.

And if you see anything I’ve missed, leave a comment! I’ll update periodically. (Katie, I’m looking at you)

Knowledge and General Information

100Mile Diet 
Seasonality Chart for BC
Local Food Directory
Get Local
Yet Another Seasonal Availability list (PDF)


The 100-Mile Diet, by Alisa Smith.  Chapters | Book Site
Ecoholic, by Adria Vasil Chapters | Book Site (site requires flash plugin)

In Defense of Food Chapters | Book Site and The Omnivores Dilemma Chapters | Book Site, by Michael Pollan. The latter sparked a rather lengthy email conversation one day between Katie and myself. Katie, a vegetarian, asked me to pick up some meat for her partner, after reading about how beef-cows are treated on feedlots.

Fast Food Nation, by Eric Schlosser Chapters

Farm Resources

Fraser Valley Farm Fresh Products Guide.
Abbotsford Circle Farm Tour
Ridge Meadows Circle Farm Tour
Circle farm tour home page
SPCA Certified Program
Eat Wild Canada

Some Favourites

Rockweld Farms – part of the SPCA Program. Big, happy chickens, and big happy eggs. And a gorgeous Siamese farm cat with the brightest blue eyes you’ve ever seen. Run by the Rumpel’s (who are the loveliest people ever), you feel welcome there.

Hopcott Farms – they have cows standing out back in the field. Quite possibly the second-best beef I’ve ever had. My parents used to live in the Cariboo and their neighbours had range cattle. Every year, my parents would get the beef the neighbours couldn’t sell for whatever reason. Now that is some good beef.

Celista Springs Ranch. Look, happy cows. Grass-fed.

Summerhill Pyramid Winery. International award winning organic wine from the Okanagan. Buy a case from the winery and get 15% off.

Mt. Boucherie Estate Winery. Literally a block away from Darren’s parents’ place.

BC Wine Lover. A local couple providing reviews on wines and where to get them. They also provide a comprehensive list of BC Wineries.

(Ha. I just realized that I have more wine links than food links. Oh well, grapes are good for you :))


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