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Me: So we have a heartbeat!
Darren: See? I knew you weren’t completely heartless.
Me: :glare:

Let’s back up a bit.

I assumed my last week’s worth of sweats and chills was just due to being knocked up. Or having some sort of virus. They’re not too bad, but they break up my sleep.

To the point that today I called in sick to work because I just felt so absolutely crappy. And slept for another four hours after the alarm went off.

When I finally hauled my ass out of bed and had some coffee (shush! I know!), and breakfast and felt slightly better, I trundled off to the local maternity clinic to see if I could go there instead of New West. Because New West? Is FAR.

And they had an opening for an appointment at 4:45 today. So I went.

After he told me Why My Doctor Would Have Gotten Genetic Testing If It Was Available When He Was Having Kids, How Genetic Testing for Downs Is a Blood Test That Gives A Lot of False Positives, and If You Get a False Positive On The Blood Test You Need to Have an Amnio Which Has a One In Two Hundred Chance of Miscarriage, my doctor took my blood pressure, while I told him about the sweats and chills. He asked about my thyroid and I said I didn’t know but mom is borderline low thyroid and he grunted.

And wrote me a prescription for pre-natal vitamins (with LOTS! of folic acid) and a requisition for a thyroid test.

Then he did an ultrasound. And I saw the heartbeat. He pronounced it a healthy 170 beats/minute.

And I’ve been grinning like an idiot ever since. 🙂

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