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Today, one way or another, history will be made. Either the US will have its first black (mixed, technically) President, or its first female Vice-President. I sincerely hope that its the former.

Normally, on a major election, I put up some sort of post about how I don’t care who you vote for, so long as you vote. And by and large, I feel that way. Just show me you don’t take democracy for granted.

But this time I care; I care more about the American election than our very own Canadian election a few weeks ago. So much more so, that I’m writing this post in advance so that it’ll be up in time for November 4. That night, I won’t be available, since I’ll be participating in another type of the democratic process…albeit in a fairly small way.

And why do I care? Because when you sleep with the elephant, everything the elephant does affects you, even if it just rolls over. What happens first south of the 49th will usually makes its way north of the 49th (except for the whole health care thing).

Let’s break this down into a few pertinent points:

1. Anyone with a uterus, or anyone who loves anyone with a uterus, should not vote for McCain/Palin.

For starters you can read this. And this. These women are far more eloquent than I am on this.

Outlawing abortions is but the start of a slippery slope. I will be damned if anyone tells me (besides my doctor) what I can and cannot do with my body. And Governor Palin is open to overturning Roe v. Wade: the case that finally allowed women to make choices over their own bodies.

Yes, that’s right. Roe v. Wade isn’t about abortion. Its about CHOICE. Are you willing to gamble your ability to choose what’s best for your own body to vote for a woman?

This scares me so badly, I said to Darren at one point that, “If McCain and Palin win, we should consider moving to Europe.”

2. Given the choice between hope and fear, what would you pick?

Those that ignore history are doomed to repeat it. There has been 8 years of fear and despair. What about a little hope? What about feeling good about yourselves for a change.

I have this theory that basically since the fall of the USSR, the US has been searching for a new identity. When your enemy is defeated, the one that defined your country for a half a century, you lose your identity. The last 8 years hasn’t done anything to solidify that identity – in fact, the US is now a country divided (just look at the last two elections that come down for 50 % republican/50% democrat).

3.The World Hopes you Choose Wisely

If the world could vote in the US election, this is what it would look like:

Respondents, who would vote for McCain, if they had a vote:

Canada: 14 per cent
France: 5 per cent
Switzerland: 7 per cent
Poland: 26 per cent
Japan: 13 per cent
Mexico: 13 per cent
U.K.: 15 per cent
Belgium: 8 per cent

Respondents, who would vote for Obama, if they had a vote:

Canada: 70 per cent
France: 68 per cent
Switzerland: 83 per cent
Poland: 43 per cent
Japan: 61 per cent
Mexico: 46 per cent
U.K.: 64 per cent
Belgium: 62 per cent

Yes, I know its a national election and the opinions of other countries shouldn’t count. But when the feeling is this strong, and your country has so much influence, it should pay to listen.

So vote. Wisely. Because although I’d love to have all of you Americans as houseguests, you’re not going to enjoy the renovations due to the poptart that’ll be starting.

So vote. Wisely. From a Canuck to my neighbours south of 49th, choose hope: start feeling good about yourselves again. Get some of that hope and pride back.

November 2020


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