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Tonight, I’m trying really hard to remember the spirit of the season. And yet, I am perturbed. Angry, even.

A couple of years ago, we had a fire at my townhouse complex. Two units gutted, one with extensive smoke and water damage. The people that lived in those units just moved back in a couple of weeks ago.

The culprit? The elderly man in the end unit who was cold (in the middle of August) and turned a space heater on and it caught fire. No one’s really sure if the heater got too close to something or if it short-circuited or what. There’s no blame anywhere.

A little backstory: the couple in that unit, the man and his wife, are elderly. She is often gone, visiting her grandkids (another story :sigh:). He is left alone.

Oh and the year before the fire, he was diagnosed with dementia. It was harmless, really, before the fire. He’d grouse at people parking in the visitors parking, grouse at people driving too fast in the complex, etc. And then the fire. His wife had said he wouldn’t be back – that she was getting help for him.

Today, Darren came upstairs and said there were firetrucks outside. I immediately went to the window to ogle the firemen. Unfortunately, they were pulling away. I went upstairs to get some diapers so we could go out and from the upstairs window, I saw the fire supervisor’s truck still there. I figured they were conducting some sort of inspection on the newly-repaired units.

We packed up and went out. When we pulled out of the garage, we noticed there was a second truck, some firefighters putting away some equipment, and the old man from that unit wandering around. Our neighbours 2 doors down were out and watching.

On the way to Costco, I informed Darren that if our family (especially the Poptart) was hurt because of something the old man did, there would be hell to pay. He agreed with me.

Apparently, the wife had gone out and he was going to boil some water. So he put a kettle on their gas stove.

It was an electric kettle. You know, the kind with the plastic outside and the base it sits on that you switch on to boil (no stove needed)?

Another neighbour heard the fire alarm, called 911 and then went in to get him. He was in the kitchen, watching, and refusing to leave because he didn’t think it would get any bigger. Apparently the flames were already at the fan. The neighbour is having breathing problems because of inhaling poisonous fumes from the burning plastic and was on 100% oxygen for a couple of hours.

The wife came home, was told what happened, and left him at home alone again. TWICE IN THE SAME AFTERNOON.

That’s when the 2 doors down neighbours called the police to see what could be done. They sent someone by to do an evaluation.

And so, I am feeling perturbed at the moment. As Darren says, the old man has proven, at least twice, that he does stupid shit when he’s left alone. And his wife refuses to recognize this.

I can only hope that at this point, she will get the help she needs.

Because really, if it happens again, I’m not the only one who will be uncharitable.

So because I have to make up FOUR posts now in the next three days (why can’t November have 31 days), that makes SEVEN posts I have to do, you’re going to get at least two today.

On Friday, Darren’s mom called and said they would pay for the Poptart’s next carseat. On Monday, I went to Baby’s World to try some out. She, of course, takes after her mother and likes one of the more expensive ones.

On Tuesday, the Poptart had her 6 month Doctor appointment where she got her regular vaccines and the first part of the baconic plague vaccine. She has to go back in three weeks for the next part. She weathered them like a champ. She was 28 inches long and 19 lbs. I’d been noticing that she’d gotten heavier and her bucket car seat was getting very difficult to carry. And she just didn’t look comfortable in her carseat any more.

Yesterday, I called Baby’s World and put a hold on the carseat.

Later today, the Poptart will take the last ride in her bucket carseat. We will  retire the two bases and find a place to store them. And we Darren will install the new carseat in the car.

At 11am I’m meeting Amber at Baby’s World. I’m apologizing in advance if I end up crying on her.

Alternate title: I should be stuffing diapers.

Ever have one of those days where you need a really long title to your blog post set out to get things done and it just doesn’t happen?

1. Hiking

This was a big ol’ pile of FAIL. Not only was it sort of icky out, but the Poptart and I slept late and it was too late to go hiking with the group I usually go with.

2. Library Storytime

Then I decided that, since I wasn’t going hiking, I’d schlep the Poptart to the library for storytime.

Except she decided to take a nap and woke up right when storytime would have started.

3. Swimming

So I decided I’d take her swimming. We start waterbabies next week and I have yet to take her to the pool, although we do splash and float in the tub. Except at the pool, we won’t be naked. You have to have a pool rental for that*. The pool out here in Maple Ridge is closed until Monday for their annual shutdown so I thought I’d take her to Coquitlam. So I got everything together, changed into my suit under my clothes, changed her into a disposable diaper (easier to handle at the pool) and set off.

On my way to the bridge, I thought to myself that maybe I should go to Langley instead. And then I thought, no, I would just continue on my way.

And then I went over the bridge, and I thought to myself that I should just go to Port Coquitlam because its closer. But I continued on my way.

And got stuck in traffic. What should have been a 20 minute drive took almost an hour because of construction.

And when I got to the pool? It was closed for their annual shutdown.

Note to self: call and check next time.

So I headed back to Port Coquitlam (through traffic, again) and by the time I got to the pool there, the Poptart had fallen asleep. So we went home and THAT’s when she woke up.

4. Cookie Baking

Those of you that know me somewhat well are probably going “WTF? She doesn’t bake.” Well, I wanted cookies and I had all the ingredients so I baked chocolate chip cookies.

The poptart was fussing, loudly, and had some pretty bad gas going on. She squawked for a bit, I nursed her, she calmed down and then she squawked some more until I gave her some cereal. Then she sucked her thumb a bit and started yelling. Then she got quiet. REALLY quiet. Once I washed my hands for the fifty millionth time, I went over and checked her.

See, I’d thrown her diapers in the wash earlier and they were drying so I put her in a disposable.  I had put a second, smaller load of diapers and clothes on because they needed washing too.

When I checked her, she’d blown through the disposable onto her highchair. And I had cookies in the oven.

I cleaned her up, rediapered her in my last cloth diaper, rescued the cookies, put another sheet of cookies rescued the poptart and put her in her bouncy chair with Baby Einstein.

Thank you, Flying Spaghetti Monster, for Baby Einstein and the people who made it. I don’t know what it is, but it captivates the Poptart and when mommy needs a little time to hide the closet make cookies and do laundry, its great.

Then I gathered up all the dirty laundry and went downstairs to put the load in there on second rinse. Then I thought I might as well put the dirty stuff in and just rewash everything. So I did that, putting soap and borax in.

I went down a bit ago and realized I’d left the washer on “rinse” not “wash”. Because I am Brilliant with a capital B, like that. So I put it on wash instead of second rinse. Because, really, does it matter what order its done in?

I am just stunned that I managed to not burn the cookies and somehow make them so that they are crispy on the edges and soft in the middle, how I like them.

I have a chiro appointment tonight; if it goes like the rest of the day went, perhaps I should cancel it.

*Seriously, groups rent the pool and have naked swim times.

Oy. Vey.

Posted on: July 2, 2009

The good:

  • I had the foresight to arrange a grocery delivery today. It arrived.*
  • I managed to get in to see the chiropractor this morning.
  • I found a company open 24 hours that can come by and look at my garage door. They answered on the first ring at 7am today.
  • Today is fresh diaper delivery day

The bad:

  • The garage door wouldn’t close this morning; the motor just clicks.
  • I dropped Darren at the train and drove off before he could open the door to kiss the poptart goodbye. Bad Mommy.
  • I strained a muscle in my lower back yesterday.
  • It being fresh diaper delivery day, I put the poptart in a dispoable this morning.

The ugly:

  • I came back from dropping Darren at the train, pulled the car into the garage and switched the door to manual. Which means the door came down and
  • I had to lift the door to get the car out so I could get to the chiropractor with my aching back.
  • The poptart filled 5 diapers this morning.
  • A back strain takes about 6 weeks to heal properly.
  • $350 to replace the garage door motor.

Note to self: drink coffee before going to the train.

*More on that in a later post when I have 2 hands to type with.

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I usually get a case of the December blues. This year, aside from a relatively uncomplicated pregnancy (I have thrown up in the mornings twice in the past two weeks – I think its time to cut down to one cup of coffee), the last couple of weeks have been teh suck for a variety of reasons that have left me overtired and/or in tears for more evenings than I care to admit:

  • the hellish meeting that would not end at work;
  • [personal item removed for personal reasons] that resulted in 4 hours of broken sleep for a couple of nights in a row;
  • [personal item removed for personal reasons] that I’m just not going to talk about because I’m done being all panicked about it;
  • the virus from hell that knocked me out for a week;
  • the cat who we knew was on her last legs, and who I dropped at my parents’ place Labour Day weekend and didn’t get back up to the Shuswap since then (yes, my parents had to take her in the other day). She will be buried in the “back 40” with a garden to go in in the spring.

(yes, we will probably be getting a couple of kittens/cats at some point but not until well after the poptart is born)

I am so ready for December to be over.

And yesterday, I got angry and frustrated. I went out to get some curtains (which is another story altogether) and found myself yelling at other drivers who ultimately weren’t doing anything wrong – just driving safely in the snow. I almost called to cancel the cleaning service because all I wanted to do was go to bed and hide for the rest of the day.

And drink a bottle of wine (NO I DID NOT BECAUSE I CAN’T UNTIL MID-MAY).

So while the cleaning service was here, I loaded up my iPod with meditations and NLP stuff because I really need to change my mental state.

I found an aquafit class for 9am this morning – I will have to wear a tshirt over my swimsuit because I have NO IDEA where to buy a maternity swimsuit (I should really get on that). Hopefully the exercise will help release some endorphins.

I will find drapes that fit my windows today (the ones I bought were too long because I measured in inches and Jysk’s measurements are in metric). And I will hang them (the rods are up already)

I will go to the maternity store and get another pair of jeans (because 1 pair is just not cutting it).

I will find some boxes/containers for various extra dishes and other crappe that is sitting on my dining room table. phone the shelter to see if they want the old, brown chair the cat used to sit on,

I will make sure I get my 5 servings of fruits and veggies today.

And I will not give in to teh suck like I have been for the last 8 weeks or so.

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But! I am going to type it anyways. Who knows? It may actually keep me on track this weekend.

To Do

  • Shower (believe me, I need a shower)
  • Drive to Coquitlam to have a pre-op appointment for laser surgery in which they will probably make my pupils huge and with my luck I’ll get pulled over on the way back and the cop will think that I’m all strung out or have a head injury (note to self: digress later and tell the story of the girl who got whacked on the head with a softball last night)
  • Drive to Maple Ridge and get a haircut (in which they will wash my hair. again)
  • Drive home to feed and water cat and grab 3 bottles of wine and a bucket of cherries (note to self: digress later about the cherries)
  • Drive to the butcher in Pitt Meadows to get some steaks.
  • Drive to New West to watch Darren umping the softball tournament.
  • Drive to Surrey (somewhere) to team bbq.
  • Drive home and die.

Well, that’s sort of dull. How about some stories about my lady bits?

The Diva Cup. LURVE. I finally got one and seriously it is the BEST THING EVAR. Quite possibly, the most interesting thing is its graduated so you can see exactly how much of your innards are coming out.

The Digression about the Girl who Got Whacked In the Head with a Softball

I was sitting at Darren’s softball game last night, minding my own business and keeping score (sort of – I doubt how accurate it was but it didn’t matter because it was LOTSANDLOTS to FOUR. For the other team). And then I heard a sound: the sound of a head hitting something. I swallow my nausea and look up and the other team’s firstbaseperson drop.

And wow – the instinct. Seriously, I was like one of Pavlov’s Dogs. I zipped over, cleared her teammates, got one to hold her head still, another one called 911, calmed her down, checked her for neck injuries, oohed and aahed over the goose egg on her forehead, got her up, talked to 911, then waited for the firemen.

And got many handshakes and hugs from her teammates.

And I got to see firemen.

Although I haven’t been on deck lifeguarding in a few years – that sound, the one of a head hitting something firm still gets me. Although, its nice to know the training sticks.

The Digression About the Cherries

This will have to come later. I have to leave soon and still have to shower.

Wow. May

Posted on: May 3, 2008

So its May. Suddenly. Unfortunately, here on the wet coast, it feels more like November. Its cold, wet and rainy.

I have been grouchy, angry and generally unpleasant lately, for a variety of reasons, many of them work-related. Which, as we all know is one of the unbloggable topics. I am prone to spontaneous tears (like right now).

The short of it: I Am Tired. I need a vacation but cannot take one right now due to commitments.

So when Mary P. posted about the Second Annual Book Binge, I thought about it and thought “Nah.” It was one of those “Nah. Why bother?” nahs as well – which was sort of scary, since a good book will always be one of the great loves of my life.

And then I realized that a book binge might be just the ticket. 

I’m currently part way through a fairly decent, escapist book, and have two more new books to get through. One of them is World Without End, by Ken Follet. No, you can’t borrow it yet. There’s already a lineup: me, mom, and one of the coworkers.

And I can take a vacation in my head.

Yes, mundanity is a word. I just used it.

My life has been rather mundane lately, or at least it seems so. Over the last three weeks, I’ve had one day off. ONE DAY. And I’m looking forward to having this weekend and next weekend off (and sort of hoping that the NLS I agreed to teach in May doesn’t run because I am FRIED).

At some point over the last week and a half (or maybe its longer than that), I received the BYO bags I won it the BlogHers ACT February contest. And I lurve them. My only complaint is that the drawstring on them tends to come loose in my reusable shopping bags. I fixed this by wrapping the string around the neck and that seems to hold it. And they came in really handy at the veggie market when I discovered they were out of the brown paper bags I usually put mushrooms in. I’ve had the mushrooms in it for a few days and they look just as robust as they did when I bought them a few days ago.

I have also been quite tired lately. The getting up when the alarm goes off at half-past-dark is wearing thin. Followed by at least an hour’s commute to work and back again at the end of the day makes for some VERY VERY VERY long days. Although The Tired has been good – I am sleeping through the night rather than waking up at 2am, 4am, etc. however briefly.

The alarm screaming in my ear when I’m at the deepest part of sleep is not cool, however.

And the reasons for the tiredness are probably multiple. I went off birth control (and I will spare you the stories of the stuff coming from my nether regions after over a decade on the pill), and I’m wondering if The Tired isn’t something to do with my body adjusting. I have been going to the gym at lunch. I am lucky enough to get to combine all of my breaks and use the hour and 20 minutes to get some exercise. I went 4 times last week (plus 4 hours in the pool on the weekend) and three times this week. It would have been more but I tweaked my knee on Sunday when performing, uhm…ACTIVITIES and it was feeling none too good by Tuesday so I took the day off, and stretched the crap out of it on Wednesday. It feels much better now.

Yesterday, I left work early in order to meet the airconditioner guy who was supposed to show up between 1 and 4. He came by at 5. But the air conditioner is now clean and works. We won’t roast this summer. But for now, we don’t need it. Its fucking cold out. They’re calling for SNOW. In April. In VANCOUVER.

I am so ready for spring and some warm weather. So ready.

So ready in fact, I finally did something that I’ve been talking about for years. Every time I go in to see my optometrist, he tells me I’m a good candidate for corrective laser eye surgery. And my benefits now cover part of it. On May 9, I have a consult with one of the top laser surgeons in Vancouver, who comes highly recommended by my optometrist, the general public and one of the bigwigs at work who had her eyes fixed by him years ago when the technology was still new. I am hoping to get my eyes fixed over the summer.

And now, since its the first weekend I’ve had off in three weeks, I have things to do. I’ve decided to organize my house, one section at a time and the kitchen is the first up.

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