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The post that makes you ALL hate me will have to wait until tomorrow(sorry, Amber; although this cop-out will probably make you hate me anyways :)). I currently have:

  • an overfull belly because I ate too much barley-spinach-sundried tomato casserole and roast beast
  • a baby alternately emptying the laundry basket of her clean diapers and chewing on my toes
  • books all over the floor
  • a now-overtired baby who needs snuggling

When I was writing my thesis, I had an argument with my thesis supervisor the first day I went to see him because I didn’t have a title. A title, he opined, was the most Important thing to explain the theme of your masterpiece.

No, really that’s what he said. It’s probably a good thing he’s retired now.

I argued back that it was necessary to know what you were writing about before you came up with a title.

And while I’d spent the previous semester working with him on a proposal for it, I still didn’t have a title.

Anyways, my point is this: I have an idea for a book. Really. I just don’t have a title (or an idea of how it will begin or end, for that matter). But an idea. I had actually considered doing nanowrimo instead this year, but something was holding me back.

I brushed it off on having a baby with no real schedule.

I am a liar sometimes.

So instead of finding busywork or hanging online while the poptart sleeps, I’ll use this to get my creativity flowing again.

Starting Monday. Because I’ll use the weekend to come up with a title.

Quickly because we just finished dinner and the Poptart needs a bath (she has yams in her ears):

  • I am fairly certain the cold I thought I had is hayfever.
  • Who the hell gets hayfever in Vancouver in November?
  • Me, apparently.
  • This means I can get my flu shots tomorrow.
  • And ask the doctor about the Poptart’s flu shot(s)
  • If my nose would stop itching, that would be great.
  • I will show you photos from this week’s repurposing tomorrow.
  • This is because I haven’t finished one of them.
  • We moved the coffee table downstairs because we have too much kid stuff and a rolly baby.
  • Thank god we have a roomba.
  • Yes, this is a bit of a cop-out for NaBloPoMo. I haven’t left the house in two days because I felt crappy. Nothing’s happened.

I know I was going to write about something important, but for the life of me, I can’t remember. Of if not important, than at least relevant. This is likely because the Poptart woke up bright and early at 2:50am and went back to sleep at 4:30. Then Darren’s alarm went off. Which leaves me with about 3 hours of straight sleep.

So you get a list of the random stuff in my head:

  • H1N1. Get your damn vaccine when its your turn and allow others to do the same. Queue jumpers suck. Where possible, make an appointment so you don’t have to stand in line rather than bitching about having to stand in line.
  • I could write about why I think everyone should get vaccinated, eventually, but she says everything I want to say, and probably in a better way.
  • Although I am tired today, I am not panicky about it and I actually managed to get out of the house to go to library story time. I point to the zoloft because before? I would have been a blubbering mess.
  • The Poptart now sits by herself and is about 3 seconds away from crawling. We are in so much trouble when that happens. Once she figures out how to get her hands and knees under her at the same time THAT’S IT FOLKS. SEND REINFORCEMENTS. and wine.

That’s it. That’s all that’s in my brain today. Lack of sleep + fear of imminent crawling = addled Monday.

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