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First, and most importantly, Sunday is Mother’s day! Call your mother!

Speaking of mothers, did you read this article about the Tim Horton’s that fired a woman for giving away a TimBit to a fussing child because her mother was having a bad day? Enough other people have written about the injustice of it and generally how Tim’s treats its employees. I’m actually more interested in the ROB article, and one line in specific, down at the bottom.

Now, Tim’s often gives away free TimBits (and really, what part of the Tim is the bit?) to people and animals. I know, because I was zipping through a drive-through in Buttfucknowhere, BC, and the cashier tried to give me a timbit for the cat who was along for the ride. Seriously. Even after I told her the cat prefers mushrooms to pastry (really). This line in the ROB article caught my eye:

The Timbits given to pets, Ms. Mitchell added, are usually “day-old and recycled.”

Now, dear reader, tell me: WTF is a recycled TimBit?

That sounds just as yummy as the Tater Tot Casserole recipe from the Duggar family. Speaking of the Duggars, the wife is currently cooking number 18. 6 weeks along, apparently. :mumbles something about clown cars:

And for your hours of entertainment, you can play this game on the discovery channel site. Guess the Duggar kids’ names.

Well, enough with the current events.

This weekend I have little planned, aside from Sunshine’s Stag (where we get a pole dancing lesson and I am not allowed to take pictures), and calling my mother tomorrow.

I do, however, have plans to start an herb garden once I get off my butt and run to Rona. Pictures forthcoming.

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