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On Wednesday, I had a doctor’s appointment* and got a sample package thing from the maternity clinic. It was from Huggies. In the package were various coupons, a sample of an eensy weensy diaper, some diaper wipes for sensitive skin (also from Huggies) and a sample of some parenting magazine.

About the diaper:

1. Its teeny tiny. I didn’t know they made diapers that tiny. And THIN. Christ, if this is how they’re making diapers now they’ve come a LOOOOONG way from when I used to baby sit.

2. Its got pictures of Winnie the Pooh on the outside.

Odd, I thought the poo was supposed to go INSIDE the diaper.

*And yes, everything is fine. My blood pressure was 115/65. Truth be told, its been a rough couple of weeks at work and as he was strapping the cuff on my arm, I actually thought, “If my blood pressure is through the roof, he’ll write me a note and I can get out of work! Yes!”

Instead, I got a lecture about how I should sit up and stand up slowly and avoid hot baths, hotubs and showers.

Fetal heartrate was 161 beats per minute, which according to some old wives’ tale, means its a gurl.***

Big ultrasound is December 28. Yes, we’re going to find out the sex.

**I wonder what kind of search terms I’m going to get with that one?

***Oh and here’s proof that you can get funding for any sort of study. Yes, its from the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Their conclusion? The Drano method of predicting the sex of babies is not accurate.

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