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This morning I woke up at 4:45 to bright red blood (it was a small amount). So we trucked off to the hospital where they proclaimed me and the baby healthy; by then the blood had switched to a brownish colour. It was determined to be my mucous plug leaving.

Added bonus: I was having mild contractions. Go baby!

I spent the morning eating two breakfasts and surfing the web. At about 1:30 I went to have a shower.

Around 2 the contractions started getting closer together and I was having a lot of back pain. By 7:30 the contractions were cascading together with not much (if any) break between them. So we trucked off to the hospital again.

I was checked and proclaimed not ready to give birth. NOT DILATED AT ALL AS A MATTER OF FACT.

Because those contractions? ALL in my back.

When they told me I was not dilated at all, I burst into tears because those contractions are fucking painful (and I was having one). Darren applied counterpressure, but had to use most of his strength. After the first one at the hospital, he noticed that my back muscles weren’t relaxing in between contractions – which would explain why it felt they were cascading into one another.

There were two thing that scared me about labour: epistomy (especially after reading about the Frankenvulva) and back labour.

I am 1 for 2. I thought I might be an excellent candidate to have the joyful experience that is back labour, because I don’t really get menstrual cramps. I get back pain. Go me.

They gave me a shot of morphine and gravol to take the edge off and gave me the option to stay at the hospital or go home. Since we’re only 5 or 7 minutes away from the hospital, we went home. I can still feel the contractions but really? I don’t care.

I am going to bed now.


Last night at dinner (roast beast, rare, rice, green beans):

Me: [staring out window] This is fucking ridiculous. Do you know how long its been snowing?
Darren: All day?!!!
Me: [glaring dagger] Two fucking weeks. At least.
Darren: [nodding] You’re right. Its a long time to be snowing.

Tonight I intercepted a tweet from Linda saying its snowing in Seattle. So I checked the window again (its dark so I had to look at the street light).

Fuck. MORE snow after it had started melting:

Me: [going downstairs] Its snowing again!
Darren: Are you sure it isn’t raining?
Me: Yeah, there were these big, white flaky things falling down.
Darren: Yeah, rain doesn’t usually fall like that.

And people, I am DONE. I live in Vancouver for a reason: I don’t like snow.  Sure it can snow a couple of days a year, but TWO FUCKING WEEKS?

Yes, we’re divas about the weather here. But this is why we live here: snow belongs on the mountains to make them all pretty. And it should stay there. Sea to ski and all that. The mountains are snow’s natural habitat.

The road outside my house is just about impassible. I don’t really expect it to be ploughed, but could you send a salt truck down or something? Or at least tow the cars that are parked IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET? says we’re supposed to get 20 cm (8 inches) tonight.

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